Random things I felt like sharing

Last night I went for a run up my road. It was slow going and windy, but I did it (yay for me). When I got home after the 15 minute jog I looked totally red faced, sweaty, wind blown and was gasping for air BUT I felt kinda awesome. I had almost forgotten that "runners high" feeling and I wondered why I stopped trying to jog 3 months ago. I am going to try to keep up this jogging thing...I really am (pinky swear).
While I was driving yesterday, the driver in the car in front of me casually tossed his ciggarette out the window....It really annoyed me. When the world is literally beginning to choke from all the pollution, I dont understand how someone can toss anything (especially something lit) thats not biodegradable out of a car window. grrr.....littering is so uncool.
In other random news - I discovered that you can now buy Cadburys mint flakes (they are good). I also recently stumbled onto THIS clothing website -its hilarious, weird and actually for adults. Would you wear any of it? I probably wouldn't.

Any random things you want to share with me today?
*photo by Grace Hallenbeck


  1. No I would NOT wear that!!!
    I'm taking tomorrow off to surf =)
    And get a pedicure =)
    Oh and to party.

  2. Well done on the jog, I should absolutely be doing that too. But the wind...
    Random fact: I actually bought a pair of running shorts on the weekend...now I just have to put them to use!

  3. Clearly those folks overdosed on Teletubbies! Wth are those togs about?

    Well done on the run! I had an epic training session today - it just gets better so keep at it.

    Maybe get a pair of rollerblades to add some fun to your routine. ;-)

  4. Are you joking? people buy those clothes? how sad..

  5. Brazen, I usually drive up to those people a say, "You're one dirty MOFO with a filthy habit!"

    It's annoys me, thoroughly!

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the run! Hubs and I went on Sunday night and I've been really working out most days this week! It is SUCH a great feeling- you just have to look underneath all that pain lol

  7. those outfits aren't just random...but rather creepy!!

  8. lol I like the outfits, geez thought more people would comment liking them, I've always wanted an adult size "onesie" with cute ears......just to wear at home, like pyjamas.....


  9. I quite liked these: http://bunnywarez.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/52

    and the bat pjs are cool! In an "I would never" kind of way! But then again I have a lifelong dream of owning a Hazmat suit...

    Well done on the run, nothing much beats the running high (except the tai chi high)

  10. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a teenager. So I think I will pass. Now if I lose my 25 pounds that I need and want, I may be a french maid next year. LOL

    As far as the running, you made a start...now stick with it and little by little, it will start to get easier. Good job.

  11. I hate when people throw cigarettes out their window too, it's just one of those little things that annoys me.

  12. Here in So. Cal., we get wildfires from jerks throwing cigarettes out car windows. Grr!

    Congrats on running again! I hope you continue feeling that "high". : )

  13. hey brazen!!

    how have you been? :)
    One of our truck drivers caused a veldfire by throwing his cigarette stompie on the ground!!!!! its really really really dangerous..

    there is a number that can be called to report people who throws cigarettes out the window. we all should have that on our cellphones!!

    have a great evening.bibi!


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