10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Wearing alot of bangles & bracelets on my arm makes me feel awesome (i like the jangling sound they make)
2. The Grand cafe & beach in Granger Bay is a really fabulous place for sundowner drinks (will try post some pictures soon)
3. Sometimes old friends save the day
4. Once in a while its ok to just eat pizza the whole day.
5. Frozen strawberry daiquiris are so yummy and more-ish
6. Watching Top Gear live made me want to buy a new car.
7. The Boyf can still make my knees weak with just a look
8. I'm super bugged by people who say they'll come and don't
9. I'm actually really enjoying meeting new people lately.
10. Its never too late to start doing things differently
What did you learn this weekend?


  1. SO with you on no. 8. Is it a Cape Town thing?

  2. Pizza is the business.

    I learnt I'm no longer the best backgammon player ever.

  3. Pizza...yum! Maybe we'll have a home made one tonight. Mmmm. Saw a fantastic recipe the other day for a spinach and feta one. OH YUM!

  4. Koek! - I think it is a Cape Town thing.
    Cam - Did Cream Girl beat you?
    Sleepyjane - yummy. Let me know if you try that recipe out.

  5. I hate when people reply and then don't show up. makes me want to hurt them.
    damn, i'm craving pizza now.
    i learnt, after seeing up in the air, that george clooney will forever be the world's best looking man. delish.

  6. BB she thumped me, again...and then a few times more thereafter. I couldn't buy a game at this stage! :)

  7. I had pizza on Saturday :)

    I learned that playing with kids gets you covered in glitter that is totally unremovable (and hard to explain 5 showers later).

    I learned that you get coffee-tequila and it's awesome (and then I lose all ability to sleep)

    Have a great week!

  8. Was listening to my friend speak about the Top Gear show. Wish I'd purchased tickets ...

    Things I learnt this weekend ... always apply sunblock. You'll be sorry if you don't.

  9. Sorry I missed top gear.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend

  10. Sounds like a whole bunch of us are getting fed up with Capetonians' terrible manners! I discovered I can climb Table Mountain, and live to tell the tale, yay.

  11. Capetionians are SO bad at not pitching - what's with that?

    I learn't that no matter how many times you tell a just turned 4yr old that she can only open her presents after the party, you'll walk in to a lounge strewn with paper & gifts (with no idea who they're from) 5 mins into the party.

    And that you're never too old to cuddle and snog - even if it's yr DH.

  12. you never know what a weekend can get you ..

  13. old friends can totally save the day... yeah!

    what a love-a-lily weekend you did have...

  14. hmmm. I learnt that- having fun happens no matter what!

  15. YEY PIZZA!! :D
    and the jingling sound soothes me,too! ;P

  16. Love the 10th item on your list. Sometimes all you need is a change.


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