10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Red seems to be a popular colour to wear for a wedding.
2. Bargain shopping always makes me feel so accomplished.
3. Churches need to invest in air conditioning (or at least fans)
4. Its a good idea to take a pair of flip flops to a wedding just in case your super high heels begin to hurt.
5. Some people are much better at giving speeches than others
6. Sometimes a few extra hours of sleep can save the day
7. I will always try and sample everything at a buffet
8. I need more motorbike friendly clothes and a new helmet
9. If a brownie label says "healthy"on it, its not a real brownie
10. Too often I  am the only thing standing between me and my dreams. Time  to kick my own butt   I moved out my way.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. agree with point 10 totally really apt for where I am in my life right now.

  2. i hate awkward speeches, especially when the jokes aren't funny and then you're obliged to laugh.
    i hear you on the buffet thing! it's hard to not to.

  3. Ah yes, no 9! So true! They have to be sinful at least.

  4. Hehe, where did you get the 'healthy' brownie from?
    Number 10 applies to me too:). X

  5. I learnt that I love goodwill alot more than pricey antique stores. and that doing your hair and makeup on a lazy Sunday can make you super happy!
    love all of your points. i always have extra flip flops in case of a heel emergency :)

  6. whole wheat flour definitely changes the texture of the things I bake. for some reason, I previously thought that you couldn't tell the difference. but you can. kinda like those healthy brownies.

  7. Yeah, it's always good to just speak from the heart... especially if you're not the type of person to give speeches. Ha, ha!

    This weekend I learned to examine movie reviews before going to see a movie. lol :)

  8. That brownie thing, is a biggie!

    But, the Self Saboteur is the worst.

  9. I learned that my loyalties can change under stressful situations. Defending someone I don't normally like because he's getting a bad rap from someone who can't mind her own business. lol!

  10. Big lolz on the brownie thing, and so true! The only gluten free baked goods even vaguely worth having are the Well Cafe muffins, and even those I got sick of after a while.

    Brownies needs pecans, muchus chocolate and ridiculous amounts of calories... makes them taste better and makes them more valuable somehow. ;-)


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