Friday fluff

This week felt too long, but was still good because...
I managed to avoid the sneaky ninja flu germs (for now), I ate some awesome cookies, wrote some nice posts, got a bike ride to work twice, found out my phone bill is the lowest its ever been (nice!) and didn't totally lose my mind (always a good thing)

Tomorrow The Boyf and I are off to a wedding (I love weddings - they always make me all mushy and teary eyed) I am wearing a red dress (maybe i will post a nice picture of it soon)

On Sunday I am hoping to go check out the Natural & Organic Expo on at the Cape Town Convention Center.

If you are a Twilight fan (like me) you will be happy to know that the double disc "New Moon" DVD with be available in South Africa from 22 March (and in USA from 20 March). I have put up nice links in the right hand column (look right) for those of you who want to pre-order from Amazon or local Kalahari now. 

Before I forget... I would like to say "hello" to all my new followers *waves* AND I would like to say thank you  to all the lovely darlings who actually read my ramblings regularly - you obviously have great taste you are all awesome. x

Any cool plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh I love the red dress (but I am partial to red dresses)

  2. aaah, cute picture. And the dress is pretty. Plus I am soooo gonna order the New Moon double disc. Cant wait for Eclipse 30 JUNE!!!!

  3. That is the cutest photo! Enjoy your weekend- and the wedding! :)

  4. aww the bunny is cute! Have a great time at the wedding, the dress looks beautiful!!

  5. just remembered - i'm also going to the Natural and Organics Expo on Sunday :) looking forwrd to it

  6. I love the red dress/black belt combo...and baby bunnies always make me mushy!

  7. Natural and organic expo! tooooo cool! NICE!

  8. I'm sorry, I cannot read this post, I'm too busy staring longingly at...



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