Cheap love ideas (part 1): coupons

I think a great and very cheap way to show your love this Valentines Day is to give a Love voucher (aka coupon). Vouchers can be easily made at home (on any piece of paper) and can be for anything - like: "1 whole day of me being your slave", "1 x back massage/footrub by me" or "1 x breakfast in bed".

The above love coupon match books were found over HERE
(I just love them)
Ps - Go HERE to see cheap ideas, part 2


  1. Those are soooo cute! So much for my no presents on vday. The man is taking me overseas for the weekend :P lol he will have to deal with getting a card from me!

  2. these are fabulous. and so nice and easy to make at home. definitely something to keep in mind for anniversaries or when your bank balance is a little low.

  3. Cool one! They are so beautiful.

  4. haha, those are the best v day presents on for a man on a budget like myself! plus i think they're more rewarding taht spending lots of money on something she might not actually enjoy.


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