... Nelson Mandela was released from prison 20 years ago :)
...The Boyf got his motorbike license
... SA's president is doing the state of the nation address at 7pm
... I'm having left over chicken a la king for lunch
... my hair has decided to do its own thing
...There's a silly little song stuck in my head
...Cape Town is clear skies, sunshine and awesome
...I've actually done three blog posts (go looky)
...I wish money would magically appear in my bank account turning out to be a good day
Hows everything with you today?

Note: photo is of my shoes & taken by me


  1. great day in history...but the thought of all those road closures makes my head hurt.
    my hair is behaving for once. i used a curling iron on it and it actually looks good.
    i also wish money would appear in my bank account. if you figure out a way to make it happen, please share.
    hope the rest of your day is fab!

  2. Yet another reason I love living in town, things like this are never a pain. ;-)

    * I have let the curls out today again and kinda loving them for a change.
    * I'm having carrots, cucumber and celery for lunch (cool and crunchy!)
    * Loving this weather too
    * Feeling rather peachy

    And most of all, counting down the days til the weekend! :-)

  3. The magical money appearance would be great. Yeah, a big day = 20 years ago.

  4. I have been feeling so meh lately, but was enjoying looking at photos of Mandela being released and remembering.

  5. I can clearly remember watching Mandela walking out of prison on TV....20 years already?! I feel old...
    It's a chilly 1 deg C here but sunny at least!
    Congrats to the Boyf ;-)

  6. sounds like things are pretty good in your world!

    i have had better days (went to the goddamn dentist this morning), but such is life. at least the weekend is near!

  7. Life has been boring with me stuck in I bought a Netbook on Tuesday.

    Life is now a LOT better. : )

  8. Don't you love when your hair does it's own thing!? ARGH


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