10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Going for a jog at 10am during a heatwave is a bit crazy (but i did it and I did not die - yay for me!)
2. Bacon & banana pizza without garlic is not ideal (bad Primi)
3. My new motorbike helmut is awesome :)
4. Not drinking coffee is giving me hectic headaches
5. La Vie (in Sea Point) makes super yum pizzas and more-ish strawberry daiquiris.
6. The Boyf is so wonderfully supportive
7. Breaking Bad is a great, gritty TV show
8. I like having gecko lizards in my apartment
9. Trying to find a nice fitting pair of jeans is frustrating
10. I must sometimes remind myself that there is a difference between needing and wanting something.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. No garlic??? Def not cool, garlic makes a bacon banana pizza! :P hehe

  2. Any pizza without garlic is not on! I once gave up coffee for Lent - had headaches for a week.

  3. isn't it sad how we become dependent on caffeine? i am the same way.
    i found a new style of jeans i am IN love with. american eagle artist style. super comfy with just the right amount of stretch. they seriously kick ass, you should try them.

  4. I am too afraid to stop drinking coffee and suffer the headaches.

  5. Hehe, I also love little geckos. I like to actually give them names. :). yeah, finding jeans is sooo hard... xx

  6. Yup...getting the needs and wants seperated...difficult:)

  7. Bacon + banana pizza... that's interesting! lol

    I learned that college was a blessing of 4 years. And things will never be the same as that.

  8. 1) I never get tired of rain in Phoenix.
    2) Weather sealing the garage was a very good idea.
    3) I can't stand my mother-in-law since she moved in.
    4) My wife has infinite patience.
    5) With the mother-in-law living with us, my wife and I find the every oppotunity for quality alone time....even going to the hardware store.
    6) Canada deserved to win.
    7) I am glad I don't live on the "Ring of Fire".
    8) Hendricks makes the best Gin ever.
    9) I won't be getting much sleep this week.
    10) I am 7 more days closer to retirement.

  9. To avoid the hell of caffeine-withdrawal, I've found it easier to gradually cut down....substituting every second cup of caffeinated tea or coffee with a herbal tea/decaff. I'm down to about 3 a day from 8+

    Jean shopping is always a hassle!

  10. you can still get a sunburn if you hang out by the pool too long, even in February.

  11. Things I learned this weekend:
    It's okay to stay in bed with your boyfriend until noon... Even when you have things to do.

    It's easier to roll our dough with a rolling pin than your hands.


  12. I learned that doing your projects gradually is better than staying over night. But the sleep when you know its finished is SO fantastic!

  13. Brazen if they'd had left the bacon off I would have been fuming mad! :D

  14. you like weekends hum?

    seize the weekends....



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