10 things I learnt this weekend

1 It feels impossible to keep my apartment clean at the moment
2. I really like wearing dark blue nailpolish
3. My Sisters Keeper is such a sad, moving film
4. Lack of sleep may cause me to have tourettes moments
5. My little sister wants to start her own fashion range
6. A good salon blowdry can save the day
7. Wijnhuis restuarant in Newlands is lovely
8. Its perfectly ok to spend a whole day in your bathrobe.
9. I find it therapeutic to bake cookies
10. You really are only as old as you feel

What did you learn this weekend?
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  1. I second no 10 and so agree with 9.

  2. i love my dark blue nails and my bathrobe. cute post, always love your "10 things". Happy Monday!

  3. I also love my blue nails!


  4. Haha did we have the same weekend? lol
    My apartment is not clean
    Wearing dark blue on my nails
    No sleep :P
    I spent the whole day in my bathrobe yesterday


  5. I feel you on no.1.
    I had my family over for lunch and had to do a serious cleaning job to get the flat ready.
    took a while but now looks great.
    did you also cry buckets while watching that movie? damn, should have worn waterproof makeup.

  6. I also find it difficult to keep my place tidy. How you doing Brazen? I saw 'Collect' jewellery at Mungo and Jemima today, made me think of you.

  7. Things I learnt this weekend include: men dont know how to pack grocery trolley's. Im glad Im not a dog and last but not least... no matter how old you are or how much you know it is still imposible to cut your own hair.

  8. I love dark blue nail polish. Also dark purple works as well!

    Happy Monday!

  9. What I learnt... is that if you treat people nicely, you won't find troubles, because troubles do not like nice people. And with smile, you could always soften every hard soul.

  10. My daughter wants to get married in Greece next year. I suggested Cape Town.
    My work week starts every Sundays. Having 2 Mondays can be exhausting, although today has been like a country song... sometimes I want to throw up.
    Just kidding... Happy Monday!

  11. I keep forgetting about the time difference... Hope your Monday evening is as beautiful as I hope mine will be. Smiles!

  12. 1. My Sisters Keeper is a great movie.
    2. The Brothers Bloom is another GREAT movie.
    3. Boondock Saints 2 is NOT a great movie. Terrible.
    4. When I'm not feeling good, it leads to cranky-ness, which means I need to keep my words in check :-/
    5. Stress never helps.
    6. Tea DOES help.
    7. I love love, but I've always known that. :)

    Have a great week! :)

  13. I learned that it's pointless to worry about something that you have no control over anyway.

    Especially on a Friday.

  14. on number one... get a cleaning lady, the R120 is really well worth it coming back after a long day to a clean flat
    + it feels good to employ someone who probably needs the money more than I do.

    This is a great blog!

  15. 3. Have you read the book? Even sadder. I sobbed for about a week after reading it!

  16. I love your "10 things I learnt this weekend" posts.
    BTW, I'm sending you a Sunshine Blog Award. Have a nice day. Char


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