10 things learnt this weekend

1. There is no such thing as too many snacks on a road trip.
2. Some people should not speak at all while drunk.
3. A good push-up bra can save an outfit
4. Two mini afternoon naps are better than a long one
5. I can actually get annoyed enough to flip someone off in traffic.
6. Walking barefoot on grass can be so therapeutic
7. Its hard to keep your eyes open after a yummy Sunday roast
8. Ocassionally a tortoise may need a lift across the road.
9. I really loathe public restrooms
10. Sometimes its much better to just go with the flow (and stop planning so much).

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. I totally agree with you on the bare foot thing. My personal lesson learnt: do NOT get drunk while working on homework. It's just not worth it.

  2. 4 things learnt this weekend: one can not do a thousand things in less than a couple of hours
    friends are one of the best thing that could have hapened to me
    i love my family
    i hate snow in March
    Have a happy week!

  3. Good lessons!
    Some things I learned this weekend:

    1. Ice showers after a half marathon don't need to be cold the ENTIRE time (gave it 30 seconds then switched it to WARM!!!)

    2. DON'T eat jelly beans during a half marathon. Even though the sugar is necessary, it's very difficult to chew and swallow. I'll stick to honey packets. :)

    3. Clean room = peaceful mind

    4. Sometimes to be there for someone is just hugging them without saying a word

    5. HAHA I love Paula's lesson! Yeah, that never works, lol.

    6. Carbo-loading doesn't mean gorge yourself with food.


  4. Aw poor little tortoise! I'm actually writing something for a class about tortoises crossing roads, do you mind if I ask where you saw it?

  5. 1)An impromptu evening out for a (veggie) burger can be even more fun than going to our favorite trendy spots.
    2) We can accomplish a lot more than we think doing jobs at home with the tools we have and our own brains.
    3) Cream cheese frosting rocks!

  6. Wonder-bra = the best invention EVER!

  7. Hehe, I totally agree about the push-up bra!!! x

  8. Welcome back to Blogland :) i hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

    i always stop and help tortoises..shame..
    When i was a kid I used to tie a thin rope around them and walk with them as if they were my dogs..(i promise no animal cruelty involved.) i had so many tortoises on the farm!! :)

    @ Po : I got a photo for you that you can use for your class assignment!! i will post it on my blog for you :)

  9. Love your list - and so cute about the tortoise.

  10. That's some good food for thought!


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