Road trip ramble

The Boyf and I are going on a road trip this weekend. We leave tomorrow and will be going to the Eastern Cape for a few days (which is about a 9 to 10 hour drive).

I like road trips (even though sometimes the heat and the monotonous scenery can get a bit much) I think they are a good time to catch up on chatting, music listening and photo taking.

My essential road trip packing list always includes the following:
- Ipod (filled with funky beats) with car adaptor
- My cool camera
- laptop to downlaod pictures (and check e-mail)
- a soft pillow
- a big bag of treats (filled with chocolates, sweets and nuts)
- Cellphone (preferably with GPS)
- a cooler box with water and juice
- a first aid kit (better safe than sorry)

What is always on your road trip packing list?


  1. and ofcourse you're missing the most important thing off your list ..... your personal chef :) ME!!!

  2. Where exactly in the Eastern Cape are you going? I miss my home province!!
    You must take the R62 instead of the N2. You wil love it! (If you're not already planning to take that road)
    It takes you pass all these wonderful little towns, filled with character! You will find the best biltong shavings at the Kareedouw Butchery - off the main drag on a little dirt road towards the left edge of the town.
    Oh, I do envy you!! Enjoy!

  3. Love roadtrips! :) I have gone the garden route rd from ct to pe so many times since i was a baby but i still dont get tired of it. Books, coffee and padkos are on my list of what to pack! lol

  4. I'm Jealous!! Have lots of fun!

  5. Po and Cam - yum...nik naks

    Miss Molly and Love & stuff - thank you. I will try x

  6. something i can't road trip without is my motion sickness meds...if i don't have them, no one will enjoy the trip :(

  7. road trips are so much fun... my last one was driving from San Diego To LA with friends... it was the best!

  8. I've never taken a road trip before, but I've always wanted to. Hope you have a great time!

  9. Ahhh, yes. I am so excited to say I am finally going on a road trip too! at the end of the month for 8 or 9 days! i cant wait! enjoy yours!!!!

  10. Have a great time! Hopefully my man and I will be able to getaway somewhere this summer. *Crossing fingers for a cabin on the beach at Ocean Shores!* :)

    A road trip must have:
    *everything I need to make eggs benedict. :-p yumm!
    *french press & coffee
    *ipod and music station
    *a couple books so we can read a chapter or two out loud (really good for the brain!)
    *my own bed sheets, haha :)

  11. Lots and LOTS of padkos :) :) I agree with Amanda - the R62 is lovely - but the N2 has its charms! Especially when you get to the Plett to Knysna stretch. Where are you headed? Probably never mentioned that I'm from PE... the ultimate Eastern Cape city!

  12. That little car you have in the picture is an MGB Roadster, and I have that exact same car in British Racing Green :-) She's lovely and we often take her out on little road trips. She's called Gigi because she's a sexy little number. Just thought I'd share that with you! x

  13. 9-10 hours? Wow! I wouldn't last more than 6 hours in a car.

    I always bring reading material (books) because, after an hour or two, I run out of things to talk about with my traveling companions (usually family).

  14. I wish I lived in that mansion! When I had a laptop I used to bring it with me every trip I went on. Now I don't anymore - thank goodness for my iPhone!

  15. Jeaaaalous! Have the most amazing time :) Also, I pack pretty much the exact same things when I go on a road trip (or anywhere for that matter).


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