10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Winter is definitely on its way (and im ok with that)
2. Trying to find nice clothes at a 50% sale is challenging.
3. Running out of internet bandwidth really sucks
4. Thai corn cakes are so yummy
5. I really like Skullcandy headphones
6. Its always nice having my mom over for dinner
7. I'm addicted to way too many TV series
9. Stabbing yourself in the finger with a fork is sore
10. You can be whoever you want to be, so choose wisely ;)

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Thanks goodnees we wont run out here! we have 80gigs :P lol I would die without the net! I learnt that its great to chill and watch movies with someone you love the whole weekend long! hehe

  2. I like that picture! ;) And I'm also ok with winter coming. I'm really ready for it to not be so hot!

  3. Its so weird to me that youre coming to winter just as we move through spring to summer. Its cool though! x

  4. I'm also okay with Winter as long as I can find some new boots. It's a struggle every year.
    loving that picture!

  5. I'm facing the likelihood of once again NOT HAVING A SUMMER as I plan to be in SA this year over June/July - two winters! Gah! Wrap up warm Cape Town!

  6. I wish winter would make its mind up and arrive (or not) we're having multi-season days at the moment and it gets really annoying!

    Skullcandy headphones look awesome!

    Have a great week!

  7. I love 10 , but I am so not ready for 1.

  8. I learnt that a Vodka/Red Bull sets me back R45 a pop so clearly will have to change my drink of choice.


  9. I like your photo girl's nail polish. I learned that I enjoy climbing on UK rock far more than I thought.

  10. very cool picture. makes me want to start wearing nail polish!

  11. I don't know if I'm okay with Winter coming, hehe. :)


  12. i am kinda excited for winter - at least will be wearing something other than a dress! bring on winter shopping!

  13. My bandwith also went "capoof" this weekend and it does indeed suck.

  14. Love this pic. How's the book coming along?

  15. That kitty is so freaking CUTE, OMG!!! Gimme Gimme

  16. 1) Me too!
    2) Near impossible unless you get to Country Road on the first day the sale starts.
    3) I'm still on dial up at home. Shocking! But at least I get a modem from work.
    4) They sound yummy!
    5) Post something about Skullcandy, I'm curious.
    6) I would have my mom over for dinner at least once a week if we lived in the same town.
    7) I feel ya on those TV addictions. Look out for Cougar Town. It stars Monica from friends. It's a bit OTT but also fun.
    8) I just realised you missed out an 8??
    9) Burning your lips while eating mashed potato, from a fork you left on a hot plate, is as sore, if not more. Ha ha!
    10) Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

    Have a super week!


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