Beach meeting

For a minute everything is quiet. Then I hear the man on the dune say, “A bit cold for a swim, don’t you think?”

Instantly I contemplate running back to the house at top speed, but then I remind myself that in these rain boots I wouldn’t even be able to out run a 3 legged dog. I decide it may be better to speak to the stranger for a moment. Just so he doesn’t think I’m afraid. Clearing my throat I answer, “Yes, it is very cold.”

“I don’t usually spot swimmers at this time of the year, not even during the day” the stranger says, “you must be rather crazy or drunk.”

“I am not drunk,” I respond, feeling rather offended.

“Well you know people who swim in their underwear are usually one or the other,” he chuckles.

“I am not drunk or crazy, but I am very cold, so good-night to you!” I say, as I turn and begin marching off toward the house.

“Hey, you!” he yells out, “I was not trying to offend you, I was just trying to find out if you were ok…you know… mentally.”

I spin around and notice that the stranger has now stood up. As I watch he throws his lit cigarette to the ground and stomps it out. Then he bends down to pick it up and puts it in his pocket.

“How long have you been watching me anyway?” I reply, as I start taking steps backwards.

He moves a few steps closer to me and then stops. Then I stop. I can make out that he must be quite a bit taller than me and is wearing jeans with a dark zipped up jacket.

“Long enough to see you run onto the beach, strip down to your underwear and leap into the freezing ocean like a lunatic.” I can hear the smile in his voice. “Not really a bad show for a week night.”

I feel embarressed. “Well, I can assure you that there won’t be anymore shows.” I annoyingly reply.

 “No more shows? Well, now I am disappointed. I was hoping this may be a nightly occurrence.” He lets out a laugh as he runs his hand through his hair.

“Do you just sit on the beach in the middle of night spying on people?” I respond with my arms crossed.

“Actually I come here to think sometimes, spying on you was just a bonus tonight,” He says in an amused tone.

“Well I’m glad I amused you. Good night!” I snap irritably, as I begin walking down the path to the house.

“Don’t you mean good morning?” He calls after me.
“Whatever!” I yell back.

I hear his faint footsteps behind me and I turn my head and notice him walking slowly further down the beach path. I begin to speed up my walk.

“Now you are going to stalk me?” I call back to him.

“Actually, I am going home and it just happens to be in this direction. So please don’t flatter yourself thinking I’m stalking you now.” he says mockingly and then asks, "You sure there wont be another show tomorrow?”

“You wish!” I reply, while fighting back a smile.

We walk on in silence for a few minutes. Strangely the stepping sound following me actually makes me feel a bit more at ease. As I reach the open garden gate, I stop walking and turn to face the oncoming stranger. As he gets closer I notice he has messy, light brown hair and doesn’t look much older than me.

“Who are you anyway?” I ask, as I place my hands on my hips.

The stranger smiles and keeps walking toward me…..

- Click HERE to read Part 1 of this story (if you missed it)

*Notes: This is my original writing. 
It has not been completely edited yet.


  1. you cant just leave us with and ending like that! hehe more more more!!! :)

  2. Wow girl...this is talent...more please:-)

  3. Good stuff!! The "messy, light brown hair" might that be a little Edward inspired. Hie-hie! This is really great, can't wait for the rest!

  4. oh WOW, have been waiting for this story so's even better , and yes you can't leave us with him walking towards her...what happens next! :D i like messy light brown hair

    Can't wait for the rest!!

  5. I'm intrigued.

    The dialog is great.

    I would have preferred a tale with more details but that's just me. I love it when ppl are describe everything so distinctly.

  6. brilliant, i want to read some more!

  7. the stranger sounds like a hottie! hehe

  8. dammit. I was so into it and it just abruptly ended!!!

  9. Very nice, Brazen. I see a novel coming on. So, what happens next?

    The link to the first part of the story isn't operational but it did come up on your "You Might Like These" though so I found it :)

  10. That last sentence is kinda creepy...or maybe I've just lived in L.A. too long. lol!

    Looking forward to more!

  11. Oh no, we still don't know who he is!!!!! Liking this though! When's Part 3 coming?;)

  12. Ok, you can not wait that long for part 3 - hurry up!

  13. Mmmmm this is getting interesting indeed...Where is part 3..Hurry scurry.


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