Stunning, sheer dress

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I totally love the dress that Hilary Duff wore to the Good Housekeeping’s 125th anniversary celebration held in New York on 12 April (pictured above). I also think she looked stunning in it.

Outfit details: dress by Vera Wang, clutch bag by Jimmy Choo and shoes by Brian Atwood.

What do you think?
*picture found on Just Jared


  1. Woa she does look stunning. I love her dress & her hair. She definitely has grown up alot physically & mentally!

  2. Hey BB.. I'm not too sure about this dress, because I'm not that into one shoulder vibes - and it's prob also because I'm not such a Hilary Duff fan (lol). How u doin otherwise though???

  3. Melanie - She has grown up alot :)

    Finding my unicorn - I actually have never owned a one shoulder item of clothing before and never wanted to...until I saw this dress. lol. I am well, thanks. x

  4. Love the style of the dress - maybe could have been slightly shorter though - especially since she's still young. Very hot dress though!

  5. hillary just doesnt to it for me.

    and i'll put on my metrosexual hat for a second.. the dress is ok, but i hate those shoes!

  6. I like the idea of the dress but I don't think it would look great on a five foot frame. You really gotta be tall and skinny ma linky for this one.


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