10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Sometimes a glass (or two) of wine can save the day
2. I am getting very excited for my birthday party in 12 days
3. A good eyebrow wax can make a big difference
4. Currently I prefer Damon to Stefan in The Vampire Diaries
5. I really suck at tennis, but it's alot of fun and a great workout
6. It's wonderful to get unexpected flowers from The Boyf
7. I am very thankful  and happy to have had The Boyf in my life for 4 years already (time really flies by).
8. My nephew got a cute, mini hamster named Connor
9. My mom really liked the perfume and scarf I bought her
10. Every now and then you need to laugh until your ribs hurt

What did you learn this weekend?

*photo from weheartit


  1. Wow, it's your birthday month! (I think bdays deserve a whole month, so take advantage) I hope you have a lovely one with loads of great things.

  2. Tennis rocks! :)

    I ended up getting my mom some knee-high boots from Trenery, she was over the moon!

    Have a good week babe x

  3. Shania - Yes it is and thanks :) I'm sure I am going to start talking about my birthday party plans (and all that jazz) on my blog alot in the next 12 days ;)

    Chris M - That is so awesome. I want some of those boots too. :)

  4. Damon all the way :)

  5. I'm also leaning towards Damon :) he's better looking by far and his character is more interesting, Stefan always has that "brooding" look - it bugs me. Funnily Vampire Diaries has gotten alot better as the season has progressed, usually a show starts off awesome and can't maintain it but VD started slow and now is quite cool. Looking forward to tonight :)


  6. Kristen - agreed.

    Chantal (anon) - Damon definitely is more interesting and hotter. And I agree, Vampire diaries has improved with every episode. I can't wait for the last episode of Season 1 next week. :)

  7. I learnt that if you suspect a guy of having lunatic tendencies, usually turns out that he does!

  8. 10 things I learnt? That I can run 10km in 1 hr & 10 min. That I hate running up hills. That I hate running against the hill. That I wish they'd hand out medals instead of plants. That I get easily annoyed by racist comments. That I need better running shoes. That Footgear doesn't stock my shoe size. That moms will always baby you no matter how old you are.

  9. Oh I need an eyebrow wax soon and yeah for wine.

  10. Congrats on 4 years with the boyf - thats awesomeness!
    Yeah Damon is way sexier/hotter than Stefan.. I think!?

  11. I like the picture you used for this post!

  12. Kathy - good lesson

    Sid - well done on the run

    Cat - wine is fabulous :) in fact, i feel the need to have a glass now.

    Finding my unicorn- thanks :)

    Sleepyjane - having that old radio would be cool.

  13. definitely agree with the wine thing!!

  14. I've been with my man for 6+ years and it has flown! Of course, that happens when it's the right person. : )

  15. Eyebrow waxes DO make all the difference! And a mini hamster? I don't know what that is but I do think that I want one.

  16. Flowers from the Boyfriend, enjoy because that privelidge I don't have with my hubby :(

  17. Forget we born on the same day, sort of!

    May Babies rock! :)

  18. Agreed on all points...especially the wine, and e.brow wax! He He. x


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