10 things I learnt this weekend

1. At the moment I'm not dealing with stress very well
2. The season finale of The Vampire diaries was awesome
3. You can do a free wine tasting at Steenbergs 1682 Bistro (nice)
4. The Boyf can be so adorable when he is not feeling well
5. My mom thinks Ive picked up a little weight
6. A simple bowl of vegetable soup can be so wonderful
7.  I really need new accesories for my black, party dress
8. From Paris with Love was a dissapointing film
9. Canned sardines freak me out a little
10. Anything you really want, is worth the effort

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Nice pic!

    I never deal with stress well, and its not just my mom thinking I've picked up a bit of weight. But in my defence, I am dealing with some sad stuff and that allows for some comfort eating. :-)

    Anyway enjoy your week!

  2. Love and stuff - Sorry to hear you dealing with some sad stuff. Hope you feel much happier soon . Enjoy your week too *hugs *

  3. you should totally get a colourful feather fascinator for your dress. it'll be chic! also get some gloves, gloves are gonna be soooo hot this year!

  4. Canned sardines are the bomb...

    And for your LBD accessory, I recommend Sass Diva - they've got a great range of costume jewelry and hair goodies.

  5. Stress. Tell me about it! Sadly there's no cure.. Besides for red wine, of course.

    Good luck with the LBD accessory dilemma. :)

  6. Oh I can not stand tinned sardines. And that's the great thing about a little balck dress - new accesories make it new.

  7. I have just learnt that one should not bite into a hot, juicy corn-on-the-cob whiles sitting in front of one's iMac.

    This weekend I learnt how to make apple crumble, and eat most of it!

  8. hey love...
    I hope the the stress management gets better!
    You must be so looking forward to your bday now :).
    I'm sure you're going to have a fabulous week.

  9. I learnt that Dimitri from Fast Forward doesn't die. I learnt that sand can ruin your surfboard. I learnt that I really don't like the sushi at Ocean Basket. Yeah, that seems to be the sum of it.

  10. Hee! Someone made me sardines on toast the other day and I was like, 'sorry, this looks...traumatic!'

    Happy accessory shopping! x

  11. I have stomach ache from stress today! Not cool! Hope you had a fun weekend. x

  12. I am dying to see the Vamp Diaries finale!!! I missed it because I had to go to the docs :(

    I learned that graduations are longer than I remember lol


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