10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Humus on toasted rye bread is so yummy
2. Having a drink with good friends is always a good idea
3. The Boyf can tile a bathroom like a pro (he is so handy)
4. Outspan restaurant in Kalk Bay is not bad - but sending back a dirty fork and getting undercooked prawns was rather off putting.
5. Alot of people prefer my hair a bit lighter
6. I don't recommend getting chilli juice in your eye (ouchy)
7. I am so unfit at the moment (I need to start jogging daily).
8. I'm still annoyed by the Season 3 Finale of Gossip Girl
9. A mug of hot chocolate can save the day
10. I need to stop taking certain things so personally (because, shockingly, not everything is about me *winks *)

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Oh no, now I am desperately wanting to know what happens in Gossip girl!!!

  2. Having a drink with good friends is always a good idea, I agree. It tend to lift one's mood very quickly for a long period of time.

  3. I've had Tabasco sauce in my eye so I can totally relate. I used a lot of four-letter words around then.
    Not a fan of the GG ending either. Hope next season will be better.
    hope your Monday is awesome!

  4. Morning. Good weekend? I learnt that Sex and the City 2 sucks ass. O and I hate Gossip girl.

  5. am nervous to find out what happens in the season finale of GG! totally agree with you on the hot choc! hope you had a good weekend xoxo

  6. if you add a piece of woolies shaved chicken to that hummus rye combination you might just die and go to heaven

  7. Wait a moment...are you sure about #10? Because, then that would mean, that, possibly, it might not all be about ME either. and that can't be right.

  8. Nope. Everything is about you. Always. Definitely.


  9. Now i definetly have to see the last episodes of GG season 3...I learned that lack of sleep causes quite some healthy problems and that friends are always there for you...i've also found that one can not know somebody inside and out.people change.happy new week.

  10. Undercooked prawns, eek! Hot Choc, so good! x

  11. Here in the UAE we eat humus with everything. It is even nice with braaivleis.


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