Archive day

Today is "archive day" on my blog (Which is why the two previous posts that went up today are from my blog archives - maybe you noticed).

Before you start to think that I have no more original ramblings or that I'm just getting too lazy to blog...let me explain the reason for my first, official archive day...

Tomorrow my little blog is going to be two (hooray!). So, I thought that the best way to mark this blogiversary was to go through my archives and share some of my fav, old posts with y'all (see, it all makes sense now, huh?)

If you are in the mood to read some more ramblings from my archive - here are a few of my posts that I enjoyed re-reading (click title to read):

* Camping? In tents? no thanks
* Global warming vs Zombies
* Fido vs Feline
* Special? I dont think so
* How to act crazy-part 1: The imaginary pet
* why I don't swim in the sea
* Big bags and missing glassware

Have a fabulous Wednesday x


  1. Congrats on being 2 years old Brazen Blog!!!! X

  2. wow 2 years already! thats awesome.. HAPPy HAPPY! xoxo

  3. That's great - well done! Nice to see some of your older posts.

  4. Congrats on keeping up such a great blog for so long! :-)

  5. I hadn't read your blog until a few months ago, and so missed out on some of the gems. I can not even begin to describe how COMPLETELY I agree with your camping in tents entry. I don't get it either! When people ask if I'd like to go camping, my usual response is, "If by camping you mean in a cabin, with electricity and running water, then yes." :)
    Loved it!


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