Bugged by a bug

I dont like bugs... at all. In fact it might be more accurate to say I loathe and fear bugs. (Note: when I say "bugs" this includes spiders too - but does not include butterflies or ladybugs).

Last night I noticed the most freaky, alien-like, little green creature chilling on my bedroom floor. It was a praying mantis. ewwww.

Finding any bug in the house at all is awful, but in my bedroom....well, thats just plain wrong. There should be some kind of anti -bug force field around bedrooms. I mean who knows how long it had been sitting there, watching me and plotting its sleepy time attack? ( I never trust bugs)

I needed to do something about this room invasion, but what? After a moment of thinking I realised a few things: The Boyf would be mad if I killed it (he likes praying mantises), the bug was rather large and I couldn't leave it to just hang out in my bedroom...alone. grrrrrr....I decided that I must get something to put over it so I can keep in one place until The Boyf (aka the brave bug handler) got home.

Me: *grabs plastic container from kitchen and stands a few feet from praying mantis* Im sorry I have to do this. Personally I would rather squish you, but The Boyf likes your kind.
Praying Mantis: *Tilts evil, green head and looks at me with its dead green eyes *
Me: *takes deep breaths* Dont look at me like that. Now listen, I am going to put this container on you. Please dont move
Praying Mantis: *moves its evil greens hands over its alien face a few time*
Me: *shudders and moves a bit closer*
Praying Mantis: *moves a few steps forward*
Me: *moves a few steps back* Dont make this hard. Stand still or I will go get the biggest book I can find and drop it on you.
Praying Mantis: *tilts head left and right as if to say no, you wont*
Me: So, you dont think I will, hey? Well, I have a rather large, heavy photo book. It would definitely kill you.
Praying Mantis: *stands completely still for a few moments*
Me: *moves forward and quickly throws container over praying Mantis before squealing* See, that wasnt so hard.

Whats your strategy when it comes to bugs? Do you squish them, toss them outside, leave them alone or have a little chat with them?


  1. Ahhhh i hate bugs but i dont have the heart to squash anything bigger than an ant, i feel to horrible about it and might even have a little cry :P I usually just run around screaming till mike comes to "fix" the situation or leave it and hope it goes away :P

  2. you: *falls asleep*

    2 hours later

    mantis: "Thats her....that's the one!!!!"

    *mantis army ties Brazen to bed, calls mantis king*

    mantis king: "not so brazen now, are we? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..."


  3. I drown spiders in the shower and wait til one of my brothers come over (at least 1 will show up daily) to get rid of anything larger.

  4. i definitely do what you do unless some fearless person is in the place, then i let them handle the situation. Great handling of the situation by the way. :)

  5. I love the commentary! Reminds me of how I act around bugs. I once had a two-hour fight to the death with a mosquito that was on steroids! It would dive bomb my head and I would try and smash it. This was all at 2 in the morning. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well after he lost the battle.


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