Silver bedroom furniture

I must admit, I had never really liked the idea of silver bedroom furniture - until I saw these pretty, bedroom pictures.

The bed and bedside tables (pictured above) have been hand carved from mahogany and finished in silver leaf ( The bed costs 1295 Pounds and the bedside tables are 325 Pounds each. Both are available from here). Yup, they are are a bit pricey, but I'm sure if you wanted to you could re-create the same look with silver spray paint or paint.
What do you think of silver bedroom furniture?


  1. Love it! So girly but mike would never fall for silver furniture :( bad thing about living with a man! lol

  2. That could look good in a bedroom with dark purple walls. In other words: it could look good in my bedroom :)

  3. I love the ornate headboard but not mad about the silver!

  4. Love the red lamp. Not big on silver furniture.


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