Some news and a party

This is the last week of my twenties...On Monday I will be turning the big 3-0 (yup, its true - feel free to send me bubbly, chocolates and handbags *winks*). I will admit, that this fact has made me feel rather contemplative about my life in the last couple of weeks - but I'm not as freaked out by the number "30" as I thought I would be. 

To celebrate this splendid ocassion, I am having a nice drinks party on Saturday night. Bubbly will be drunk, cocktail wear will be worn and my hair will be salon pretty. The venue has been booked and most things are in the process of being done. I am really looking forward to it (I think I may have to share some photos on my blog after).

How are you this week?


  1. Yes lots of photo's please!

    Enjoy your last week of twenties and good luck with the party planning!

  2. Well, if you're heading into your 30's you might as well do it in style. Sounds like a super fun PEE - A - ARE - TEE - WHY.. ! :)

  3. I think that's awfully exciting! From what I have seen in others, the thirties are the prime years of our lives.

    I think you must use this last week to do anything that your thirty year old self might think of as childish :)

    Break some rules!!


  4. Love and stuff - Thank you x

    Marianne - I agree :)

    Emma - Good idea - I think I will have to break a few "rules" ;)

  5. Very exciting! And I agree about the lots of photos too :) Especially if you're going to look so fabulous!

    Enjoy the rest of your twenties with abandon!

  6. Oh yes, please share!V V exciting.

  7. Yes, please share pics! Have an absolute ball and happy birthday in advance! x

  8. I too will reach the big 3-0 this year -- and I never thought I'd actually look forward to it. Enjoy the week, and party 'til the cows come home! ;)

  9. Have an amazing time!
    I am turning 30 this July and am not taking it as well as you are!

  10. What? And no invite to your birthday party to me? *shock, horror*

    Yes, yes, yes. Can't wait to see the pics. What are you planning on wearing? It has to be a dress! Red? Black?

    How's the book coming along?

  11. Happy Happy for Monday :)

    Enjoy this last week, but don't worry, two months ago I turned 30 and I am as much a kid as I've always been.

    Ooh, look a butterfly...

  12. Marie - Well, i hope i will look fabulous

    Cat - it is exciting

    Lauren - i shall try share

    Katie - Cool. I will try party until the cows come home ;)

    Lifestyle bohemia - Im not as freaked out as I thought i would be, now that its so close. Why you not taking it so well?

    Sid - a black dress :)

    Suki - yes, me too...

    Elizabeth - thanks for the early birthday wishes. x

  13. Oh, this will be wonderful! I can't wait for the pictures. :)

    My week so far (one day's worth): termite/pest control/under-the-house fungus man slapped me with a big bill; someone came to my house while I was out and unauthorized cleaned out my gutters and threw it all over the yard; and I suspect that my waistline might be a bit bigger than last week.

    HOWEVER, my mother and I are leaving on vacation to Savannah, Georgia, on Friday, so wheeeeeeeeee! Yay!

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  14. Happy early birthday! Definitely post some pics!

  15. I seriously can't wait to see photos. You have to post photos!

  16. Ooh exciting, have fun!

  17. Happy Early Birthday!

    I was soooo happy to turn 30, and it only gets better! : )

  18. Oooh wanna see lots of pics hun!!! Have fun! you deserve it! Mwah xxxx

  19. 30 is the new ayoba! :)


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