10 things I learnt this weekend (& Monday)

1. The Time Travellers wife is such a sweet and interesting film
2. When I am sick and trying to sleep, nothing makes me as cranky as being bothered by a  persistent caller.
3. Roodeberg red wine is so very yummy
4. Watching a live World Cup game is a fabulous experience
5. Portugal has very passionate soccer supporters
6. Some people think vuvuzelas make good beer funnels
7. Its a good idea to take ear plugs to a live SWC game
8. My sore throat seems to be getting worse
9. I want to make THIS Toblerone hot chocolate recipe
10. Its important to focus on the positives in every situation

Learnt anything lately?


  1. The time travellers wife is one of my favourte books and the movie was also pretty good.

    I'm glad to hear there are others out there using the Vuvuzela as a beer funnel - I was worried it was only my hubby and his strange mates!

  2. Am I the only one confused by The Time Travellers wife. Guess its the blond in me:)

    Anyways...Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I think Toblerone is definitely my favourite chocolate. If I wasn't so allergic to cocoa, I would eat copious amounts of Toblerone all day. Haha. x

  4. Haha- I think a beer funnel is a better use for those things! So annoying haha.

  5. I've been wanting to watch that film, think I will now. How awesome that you got to see a live game, I wish I had gotten tickets now. x

  6. I found The Time Travellers Wife to be so sad. I think I shed quite a few tears :( I love Rachel McAdams' character.


  7. Miss Emma Jude - ME too. Shed some tears and loved her character :)

  8. Loved the book but never saw the movie.

  9. I'm with you on watching the game live being super awesome. I did feel sorry for the losing team though - I think they must have been embarrassed to lose by seven goals.


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