10 things I learnt this weekend

1. South Africa has the most awesome soccer supporters ;)
2. My ears can only handle Vuvuzela noises in small doses
3. I really enjoy watching soccer (yup, even just on TV)
4. Once in a while you just need to stay in bed all day
5. A cup of tea can save the day
6. Feeling sick on the weekend is annoying
7. The imaginarium of doctor parnassus is an odd film
8. I have been eating way too much fatty food lately
9. If I could be an x-men I would want to be "Rogue"
10. I am much more blessed than I think I am sometimes

What did you learn this weekend?

*Photo was taken at opening ceremony of World Cup and was found HERE


  1. I so want to see that movie!

  2. South Africa totally rocks!
    I think after this weekend, a day in bed would be perfect. struggling to stay awake today.

  3. The Football "gees" in and around Alberton was AWESOME!!!

    I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  4. If I was an x-man (or woman rather) I would be Jean, but I would so get with logan. Maybe Aussies can't play soccer, but we sure can produce a damn fine action hero.

  5. I think overall, South Africa are very enthusiastic sport supporters, no matter what sport. We love sport!

  6. I hope you feel better soon! I am also enjoying watching the soccer :).

  7. 1st, i didn't know the FIFA had started until my mum called and asked if i was watching Korea vs some team!!!lol..my mum knew i loveee korea so she called me...

    hope you are feeling better now...getting sick anytime is really horrible...

  8. 4. Once in a while you just need to stay in bed all day


  9. The vuvuzelas are the major complaint about the World Cup out of nearly everyone's mouth that I have talked to. They are total yuck, but everything else seems to be going well.

    And I always totally wanted to be Rogue!

  10. I learned:

    Watering flowers is a great way to enjoy a pretty day.

    DON'T forget to lower the rack while broiling anything.

    I love working at a hardware store.


  11. A cup of tea really can do wonders! So too a bowl of ice-cream... My ears can also only take *so* much vuvuzela noise before they start to hurt...

  12. I am a newly converted Vuvu fan.

    Who would've thought?

  13. Hi. Great blog!I just started following your blog and love your idea about what you learn each weekend. I tried doing the same thing in my last post.


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