10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Ghana can beat USA at soccer
2. Pepenero, in Mouille point, has good half price sushi
3. I really like Essie's "Mint candy apple"nail polish
4. I spend way too much time daydreaming
5. Double stuf chocolate Oreos are not as good as original ones
6.  Natural medicine can be very effective
7. A hot shower can save the day
8. I really need alot more dresses in my closet
9. Drinking green tea regulary can add years to your life
10.  Sometimes a small change can make a big difference

What did you learn this weekend?
*photo from tumblr


  1. I LOVE the pic you used for the post! Its so pretty!

    Ps.I spend way to much daydreaming too!

  2. I love that Essie colour. I was so torn at which colour to buy, that one or Lollipop. Your nails look pretty (I clicked on the link).

    I also love Rooibos:D.


  3. Ghana is not better than the USA… The first goal was already an inclination of how unfair the game would progress. An offsides goal is clearly not considered a point. I clearly hope what comes around goes around…

  4. I learnt ONE big thing this weekend.

    Keep your (my) blog anonymous!!!


  5. I'm another one - I spend far too much time in my own head.

    Also: All the drama in Greys messed up my Vampire Diaries finale a little :( I think I will have to watch it again tonight to absorb all its awesomeness.

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of Pepenero but you're right, their half price sushi is pretty great. Hmm. I feel like sushi now. And even in this weather...

    I love the mint candy apple colour. I could eat it. It makes me realise how much I've been neglected my hands lately, need to get back into the groove. Come Winter and all the wheels fall off, which is not good. I will purchase some Essie soon but I reckon my first colour will be a more nude and natural one. Then I'll invest in the exciting stuff.

    My latest tea obsession - Earl Grey from Twinings. Tried and trusted!

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)


  7. A small change can make a big difference! :)

  8. I'm surprised the US made it as far in the World Cup as they did.

  9. Pepenero have a great prawn special too... 1kg for R99! I go there and eat a mountain of prawns... *burp.

    On another note, Beluga in Greenpoint is also great for half price sushi (and cocktails!). You will most likely find me there just about 4days out of 5 every week.

    Much Love ❤

  10. That is the most beautiful picture. x

  11. Looking at the other comments I am proud to say that I day dream way toooooo much to. I have learnt that those love movie scene, where the guy runs in the rain to the airport to stop his truelove from getting on is, just plain old rubbish!!!!;P


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