Crazed tweeting

After a few months of not really getting into Twitter,  it seems the "tweet bug" has finally bitten me. Now,  I am slowly (but surely) starting to tweet more and understand why its a helpful networking tool.

While I do think that twitter has alot of positive points about it, It does have some bad points, like:  it has the potential to make bloggers (and by bloggers, I mean me) lazy & very distracted ( I need to find a healthy balance between blogging and tweeting I think) AND there are some people who feel the need to tweet alot of rubbish or way too much info, which often can be more annoying than amusing.

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What do you think of Twitter?


  1. I like twitter and I enjoy using it but don't feel the need to be on it all the time. :)

  2. im with you on annoying updates from other uses! i have a twitter account but still haven't really gotten in to it! have linked it to my Miss Molly FB page so makes it easier to update xoxo

  3. I too have the twitter bug and will openly admit to wanting to obviously have interesting tweets, just like I want to have relevant and meaningful statuses on facebook. But I am also a very honest person so lying isn't on the agenda. If anything, I tweet about a glass-half-full life, instead of a glass-half-empty one. If I'm making sense :)


  4. Took me a while to get into the whole Twitter thing. A few months ago I was planning on closing my account, but my Blackberry made tweeting so easy that I am now addicted. (My first phone would not Twitter to save its poor life)

  5. I like Twitter and like sleepyjane, I've discovered that you don't need to be on it always. Like on weekends you will only see me max 3-4 times.

  6. I use facebook to update my real life friends on what I am doing/thinking and I only use twitter for my blog 'persona' so tweeting feels pretty random cos I always think no one reading my tweets really cares what I'm doing... If that makes sense.

  7. Hey brazen love.

    Gosh, I have become addicted to Twitter because of my bloody blackberry!
    I enjoy reading peoples tweets... and knowing whats happening, but sometimes it makes me feel 'too connected!'.

  8. I know someone who tweets every thought that floats through his empty head, meaning he tweets every 10 minutes. He even blogs about how funny he is on Twitter.

    If you have to tell people that you're funny, then you're not funny.


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