Floral skirt giveaway

Today I am happy to announce the start of a giveaway sponsored by Durban based, fashion designer, Miss Molly.

The winner will recieve this cute, floral skirt in whatever size they choose (please note: skirt will take 2 weeks to arrive, as it will be made especially for you) :
Styling details: Floral fabric,overlap waist band, exposed zip at center back, fully lined with pockets. Length is 44cm.

1. Be a follower of Miss Mollys online shop AND tell me which item is your favourite.
2. Blog or tweet about this giveaway for an extra entry (please let me know what the link is to your blog post or tweet)

Important notes: *This giveaway is only open to SA residents. *This giveaway will end on Wednesday, 23 June and the winner will be announced on Thursday, 24 June.


  1. I follow Miss Molly online shop and her blog! I Love, love, love the SAILOR STRIPE skirt!

    Will Tweet and add link as comment!

  2. Been following Miss Molly on Bloglovin - didn't realise I could follow the shop seperately! Done that and I definitely luuuuurve the skirts the most! But that black top with the inserts is pretty damn cute too...

    Tweeted, but keep my privacy settings strict (gotta watch out for those psycho stalkers!) so you'll have to request to follow me to see it - carmial.

  3. I am a follower of her online shop/ blog and I read all her blogs! Loves it! Hard to choose just one item, but I ALSO love the sailor stripe skirt. A MUST HAVE!!

    Will tweet and blog about it too. Will come back to leave the links.

    *holding thumbs*
    Maybe I'm lucky this time!

  4. I'm a follower and I love the Tulips Molly leopard print dress!

    Have tweeted too: @jenjamjar

  5. Love the sailor stripe skirt! Actually mailed Miss Molly earlier this week about the skirts :) A wardrobe item MUST!

  6. I love the keyhole dress, tres cool indeed. The skirts rock too!

    Will tweet now. ;-)

  7. I tweeted here:

  8. Great skirt! Been struggling to find a nice tulip skirt (at a nice price) Love the salior stripe skirt & the pleather/lace fru fru dress!!

  9. http://twitter.com/TumblingbumbleB

    (Not sure how this works, so hope it does work)


  10. I follow Miss Molly fashions and I LOVE the large floral skirt!! :)

  11. I'm so happy I saw this post cos I never knew about MISS MOLLY until now ~ such rad stuff and for very reasonable prices! Totally getting sum sum with my next paycheck ;)
    Great birthday gifts too!
    My favourite item(s) are all the FC skirts, ALL the accessories, the TULIPS MOLLY (LEOPARD)is (!*!*), and the black keyhole dress is soooooo chic!
    Check out my post: http://karmajustfar.tumblr.com/
    Loves ❣

  12. I love Miss Molly! I am following her shop and my fave item is STYLE REF: MMF-01 - LARGE FLORAL. Great giveaway ladies! x

  13. I have just followed Miss Molly online and have tweeted about the comp. (@LeilaB_CT)

    The skirt you are giving away is my favorite, so cute

  14. love and adore miss molly!
    My fav would have to be the "Little J" dress, so so cute!!

  15. I'm a Miss Molly follower. I modelled Miss Molly designs and also bought a cute dress! I really am so in love with the sailor stripe skirt. GORGEOUS!!!

  16. The insets top is simple elegant and so so stunning !

    Keep up the good work Mel


  17. My very favourite item is the Pleather/Lace FruFru dress, it's so unique and just GORGEOUS! I blogged about the giveaway at http://ninasclosetsa.blogspot.com/2010/06/stud-study.html



  18. Lovelovelove all the skirts, especially the large floral one! Talented lady, definitely going to order from her in the future!
    I tweeted http://twitter.com/michness :) xxxxxxxx

  19. so hard to choose a favourite! I think the sailor stripe skirt is crazy gorgeous, but floral is too beautiful as well! Can i love them both? or is that greedy? :) and my tweet: http://twitter.com/waller_texas. Love your blog

  20. wow wow wow, beautiful stuff!! the sailor stripe skirt is too lovely, i lufff it!! Thanks for letting us know about Miss molly, im now a happy follower :) Tweeted too : http://twitter.com/Theycallme_Lisa

  21. I LOOOOVVVVEEE the blue sailor stripe skirt and the black keyhole dress, so stunning!!!

  22. uh, i cant decide... i love all the tulip skirts....
    the large floral is probably my favorite, no wait, i also like the sailor stripe, and the ditsy floral. i cant choose.
    maybe if i win this one then i only have to buy two...

  23. Blogged about it too, finally!


  24. Following Miss Molly online shop.
    Love the Insets top and the black keyhole dress.

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/Heidi_de_Goede/status/16756260075


  25. Always follow Miss Molly online shop and her blog! I absolutely love the SAILOR STRIPE skirt and i MUST have it! :)

  26. I LOVE Miss Molly! The blue sailor stripe skirt is my fav- too beautiful!


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