10 things I learnt this weekend

1. I am going to miss the World Cup when its over- the vibe and the soccer watching has been really fabulous in Cape Town.
2. I don't handle large crowds or rude people very well
3. Vuvuzela's become cooler when you have your own
4. Night time bike rides can be very cold
5. House is such a great TV series - I love it
6. I cannot make it out of Woolworths without buying something
7.  Fresh cut flowers are always such an instant pick-me-up
8.  Mash potatoes mixed with pesto are really yum
9. My hairdresser thinks I should go a chestnut colour
10. Often life is alot more simple than we think

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Oh I agree - House is stunning and I heart Woollies so much.

  2. I love House. Still need to get all the episodes from my friend. Ugh so behind when it comes to series.

    What I learnt? I love the Cederberg. The place is sooo gorgeous. Pics up on my blog.

  3. Hmmm i love mashed potato and pesto sooo good or parmesan also yummi :) I wish i could go into woolies :P i always end up buying something as well. :)

  4. omg, mashed potates and pesto sounds amazing! definitely trying it this week. loving house too. we're still on season five.

  5. I am absolutely feeling you on numbers 1,2,5,6 & 7!

  6. Love House to bits! My day to day happiness depends so much on the state of House and Cuddy's relationship that it's actually not real.
    And I'm also dreading the end of the world cup. I've grown quite sad on the days where there are no matches :(

  7. Lol, I also don't handle large crowds or rude people well...

    House is amazingness.. yes...

    Hope you having a good week so far. x

  8. totally agree with you on a few of those points.. especially no.1.. sniff sniff xoxo

  9. I'm also not at my best when in large crowds or around rude (or drunk) people. It shows me that on the most part, chivalry really is dead.

    Mmm, mash potatoes!!


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