10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Getting VIP box seats for a rugby game is awesome
2. Sometimes just being lazy all weekend is absolutely fine
3. Nearly everything in my closet is grey or black right now
4. Robert Pattinson wanted to be a rapper for a while *laughs*
5. Chilli chocolate and fig bread is very delicious
6. I can actually ghd my hair in under 30 minutes (who knew)
7. The Boyf is right alot more than I like to admit
8. I need to get my butt back into gym asap
9. I would like to watch "Welcome to The Rileys"
10. I am becoming  such a creature of habit and routine - I need to embrace the spontaneous alot more

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. What a cute little doggy!

    I tell you, I also need to be more spantaneous, I'm so OCD that I create patterns that I follow over and over again, and it's not always for the best.

  2. On one hand I totally love my routines and on the other I sometimes get so frustrated that I'm so set in them. like everything in life it needs a healthy balance, you know. :)

  3. chris M - Such a cute doggie - i want one.

    Sleepyjane - I so agree, a healthy balance is what I need.

  4. That I really want a GHD

  5. we had a lazy weekend too. we went to a friend's farm and it was amazing. am feeling so refreshed.
    now however, need to also get back to gym. just cannot get up in the mornings.

  6. kisses - glad your weekend was a good one :)

    rugby ??? do tell


  7. That pic is so cute! 30 mins, GHD, not bad!

  8. So weird, we also had box tickets to the rugby. We gave them away due to it being my boyfriend's sister's matric dance. Hope it was awesome!

  9. Tell me more about this fig bread. Or is this something you made yourself???

  10. Laughing so hard at Rob P's rapping desires, unfortunately I can't picture it at all [sorry man]!

    My butt is hitting Virgin next month, it's about time!

    Nice list


  11. With you on the grey and black wardrobe. I am trying very hard to wear colour when I can.

    I can normally vouch for a lazy weekend but mine was quite the opposite this time around so I learnt about how absolutely fine it also is to fill up your weekend with fun outings. I also learnt about that spontaneity thing we're all so desperately trying to embrace and how important it is to practice it. I am succeeding, slowly but surely.

    Hope you have a great week!


  12. What did you do for your 67 minutes??


  13. *sob* I want a GHD.....and my current straightner (which was expensive anyway) seems to be packing up...maybe it's the excuse i needed

  14. I learnt that
    1. When my friends are drunk they are so judgemental and this annoys me.
    2. To follow my first thought, if I dont feel like going to a party I must not let people change my mind becase I will be bored when we get there.
    3. That I should go on more music at the lake concerts because they are awesome.
    4. Picnics at the Durban Botanic Gardens rock!

  15. Oh I absolutely adore learning what you have learnt.



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