Busy wallpaper

I have always been in two minds about busy, patterned wallpaper. I really like the look of it in some homes, but I often wonder if I could ever pull it off in my own home.  I think at the moment the only thing I would be brave enough to put patterned wallpaper on is a retro, vinyl topped, kitchen table.

What do you think of busy wallpaper?


  1. Love love love wallpaper! But it's got to be in the right space or room and not overdone! Have a great week x

  2. I love that first one. I wouldn't put a busy server against it but those pops of colour work really nicely!

    Hope you had a super weekend :)

  3. I heart wallpaper - would *kill* to do my lounge or entrance in awesome Damask... turquoise, pink, silver, gold, black or white, doesn't matter.

    Or rad tropical jungle prints, with a matching focus wall and loads of retro decor items!

  4. Very much the fashion these days.

  5. i LOVE it! especially in small rooms or bathrooms.

  6. i think those pics of wallpaper are gorgeous - i like the mod wall paper and mixing it up with matching colour around your home. but finding good and interesting wall paper in SA is difficult.
    old british wall paper bores me!!!

  7. Hi there, I really like these images. I've been following for a while, time I said 'hi'! - I posted on the gorgeous dresser today, hope you don't mind...

    Thanks x

  8. I am not a fan of hectic wallpaper plus ornate pattened furniture / fittings.

    Its too manic for me - i would choose one statement piece (wallpaper OR ....) and calm it down with other plain bits.

    But thats just (conservative) moi. ;-]


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