A caffeine induced ramble & a mug abduction

So far my Friday has started off ok. I woke up wearing my *super girlfriend cape, So I made the boyf coffee, eggs and toast for breakfast. After finishing my morning get-ready routine, I did the math and calmly gave into the fact that I wasnt going to have a good hair day (curly hair + no time + rain = frizzy mess) and that I was going to be late for work again (if only my super girlfriend cape gave me the ability to fly)....

Anyways, I think I've already had one too many cups of coffee today, because I am feeling unnaturally alert and perky. I keep randomly singing little tunes and shouting out "Hello there"everytime someone walks by (I'm sure I must be annoying people). I cant wait for this weekend to begin, so I can catch up on some sleep  (clearly I need to) *he he he*

In other random news: my mug went missing a few days ago (I have hired a stand-in mug until my mug can resume its duties). This is not the first mug of mine to dissapear from our work kitchen (AKA "the mug abduction room"). I'm a bit annoyed and I plan to go into CSI mode about it. Honestly, I dont know how successful my investigation will be, as the last time my mug dissapeared i never saw or heard from it again. My only logical theory is that someone in my office is a kleptomaniac and has a drawer full of stolen mugs. Of course, I also have a few crazy theories, but until i have proof i shall keep those to myself.

How are you today?

* Note: For those who were wondering I do not literally have a super girlfriend cape, I do think it would be cool to own one though..Im sure I could find some uses for it :)


  1. If someone stole one of my mugs i would be pissed, seriously i love them! hehe

  2. Oh my word why would you want to steal a Mug? There's some weirdos out there...

    Anyways I had one of those perky days yesterday. Skipping to the bathroom and signing Waka Waka while making coffee. People must have thought I was going crazy.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I hide my mugs. Seriously. When I bring them out someone always asks, "Is that new?" because they've never seen it before.

    I had a great (birthday) week! And the weekend's gonna be even better!

    I hope you find your mug. : )

  4. I'm fine, thanks for asking :)

    I liked this post. Made me smile. I hope you find your mug!

  5. Lol, this is such a cute & funny post. I love that you are saying "hello there" to everyone you see, how cute!!!

    Um, I'm sure your boyf must be loving the idea of the super girlfriend.. haha.

    Hope you have a super super weekend... xxx

  6. I hope you have found your mug. I'm having a slow day but hopefully once it hits 3pm I'll be feeling fresh and ready to begin the weekend.


  7. I'll bet you can kick serious ass with that cape on.

  8. i feel the same when i have to much coffee, problem is i normally drink caffeine free. so when i have a really kak start to the day at the office, i have a cup of the boardroom coffee. illy coffee, with caffeine. well, i am then like the energizer bunny.

    hope you find your mug!!!

  9. I think we should talk about that cape. I would be willing to make you one & print your very own logo/emblem-thingy on it. You could then blog about it & maybe other super girlfriends could order them from me! :)

  10. Superficial girl - I dont love my work , like my home mugs - but its still mine. I dont like people i dont know touching my stuff ;)

    Love and stuff - many weirdos out there

    JJ - have a great weekend!

    Anthea - thank you :)

    Finding my unicorn - hehehe. you too x

    Zet - hope so. Have a good one.

    A daft scots lass - of course ;)

    brigitte - Im so caffeine sensitive its ridiculous, I have 2 cokes and i think i can fly.

    MamaMeeA - Cool idea. I think you may be onto something...

  11. I hate it when mugs go missing. They never call, they never write...

    A cape would be kick-ass. Can mine be black with goth bunnies and something about being a super wife and mom?

    Of course, it's unlikely I'll make breakfast, but I want one anyway :)

  12. hello
    Hope your mug returns...maybe it ran off to the place that socks go when they get 'lost'.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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