For the love of soccer

Since the Soccer World Cup is coming to end this week in South Africa (it will be missed),  I thought I would share these stunning photos by Jessica Hilltout (which I recently stumbled across online) with y'all. Here is the story behind the photos:

Jessica Hilltout, a Belgian-born photographer, set off on a nine month road trip across Africa to document the continent’s love of soccer, the year before the World Cup was about to be played in South Africa. While on her roadtrip she also exchanged manufactured footballs for homemade ones. She returned from her trip with an extraordinary collection of photographs . This year, a small selection of her images were put together in a lovely, coffee table book called "Amen: Grassroots football".

* To find out more about the book and where to see one of her exhibitons (one is currently happening in Cape Town)  - Click HERE . To see more photos from the Amen project click HERE


  1. Having a footie-loving Dad, I can chart my whole life in World Cups. What a lovely project! Can't wait to see the pics... and yes, am going to miss the World Cup so much!

  2. I checked this out yesterday and its so cool and interesting. I would love to go do something like that!

  3. I bought a copy after writing about the book for the Portfolio Travel Blog. Her images are magical!

    I was also inspired to take some pics in Khaye yesterday... :-)


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