Gossip Girl, season 4 - sneak peek

Gossip Girl Season 4 is being filmed at the moment. Some of it was filmed in Paris and now they are back filming in New York (all pics above from Season 4).  

I can't wait to watch it! So looking forward to checking out all the lust worthy outfits (especially Blair's - she is my favourite GG character).

Who is your favourite character on Gossip Girl?


  1. Blair is definitely the funniest and most entertaining character, but my favourite has got to be Serena! And I'm in love with Serena's outfit on the bottom left corner xx

  2. WoW

    I can't wait to see it :(

  3. I can't wait to watch it either! xxxx

  4. I'd dig to live that whole lifestyle!

    Looking forward to the next season :)

  5. Only on series 2, got some catching up to do!

  6. I'm ecstatic to find a Gossip Girl fanatic, too! Same here, I can't wait for the release of Season 4.

    Fierce and fabulous outfit here we go!!


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