Heart jewellery giveaway

Today I am happy to announce the start of a fabulous giveaway sponsored by Genevieve Motley.

The winner will receive a heart ring AND necklace:
Description: Wooden heart ring engraved with the word "Love". Necklace with wooden heart pendant, engraved with a lovely bird and leaves design.

1. Be a follower/subscriber of this blog, THEN please go and visit  Genevieve Motleys website and tell me, in the comments section, what is your favourite piece of jewellery (so simple).
2. For an extra entry - join Genevieve's facebook group or be a follower of her webpage (& please let me know that you did)

* Anyone may enter this giveaway  
*This giveaway will end on Wednesday, 28 July and the winner will be announced on Thursday, 29 July.
*winner is chosen randomly
Good luck, darlings!


  1. I love the 'Fat robin cut out brooch' – it's just too cute!

    But not as much as I love that wooden heart love ring...please please please pick me to win!

  2. I LOVE the wishbone (1104)

    pick meeeeeeeee :-)

    I also became a fan on FB

  3. I love 5006 - 3 little birds engraved circle ring in perspex and wood... beeyootiful!

    Her work is so good i joined her fb group too, and not just coz you told me too:)

  4. I was just at her blog this morning trying to pick out something to buy. So difficult because all of the stuff are lovely. My fave is the Resin cameo ring (5016).

    I am now a follower of your and her blog on Google connect. (was following you via Bloglovin before)

  5. I'm a follower of your blog and Genevieve's blog. I follow both of you on Twitter and I follow her FB group. I'm a really big fan of her accessories!

    There's no way I can choose just one item, because I love the 'fat robin cut out brooch', the 'cherry blossoms heart ring', the 'Mother of pearl carved bird on silver plated chain', all the 'heart word wooden rings', all her charms and bird themed things!

    This will be a great birthday gift for me! *crossing all fingers and toes*

  6. I love the Heart word rings the most! Pick me, I'm a follower, FB follower, have your button on ma wee bloggy, joined Genevieve's FB page...

    I love love LOVE Genevieve's stuff

  7. It's a toss up between 1122 (the tropical parrot necklace - too quirky! fantastic for summer playtimes) and 5006 (three little birds engraved circle ring)!

    Following her on FB :)

    Please, please, please!!! :)

  8. I like 4012

    Fat robin cut out brooch.
    Available in wood and perspex

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    I am blog follower sherry

  9. I follow Genevieve on twitter and I luuuuuuuurve the oval birdcage earrings (2082).
    I liked so many of her items via the facebook link that I eventually just gave up and liked her group/profiel-thingie on facebook.
    I can't believe how well priced her jewellery is!!! I am definitely keeping this one in mind for my girlfriend's birthdays!

  10. All her stuff is so beautiful. But I like her perspex decor heart chain the best.

  11. The dandelion engraved wooden circle necklace is so gorgeous! Simple, but stunning.

    Also now following Genevieve on FB

  12. My favorite is #1105 Key, Bird, Heart Charms on Long Silver Plated Chain, such a lovely and classy piece. I'm a follower, thanks for the giveaway.


  13. I follow your lovely blog and follower of Genevieve's webpage and Facebook. Love ALL the wooden rings.

  14. Oh my word....i think i am in love!

    I love the heart word rings!

    If i dont win, I am so ordering a few.

    Great giveaway Brazen!

  15. Wow, love her stuff and it's so affordable...if only she was in Cape Town.

    I follow your blog and hers and will follow on Facebook (can't go on during working hours phooey)

    I absolutely Love Love Love
    *4012 Fat Robbin Brooch in Wood (Cutest Cubbiness)
    *5018 Bird, Crest Engraved Wooden Ring
    *5012 Dandelion Engraved Ring Perspex
    *1129 Mother of Pearl Carved Bird

    How can a girl pick only one!?!


  16. I absolutely love the Vintage hummingbird pendant on oxidized chain.

    So beautiful! ❤

  17. The love bird chain is so sweet!

  18. I love 3 things: the love wooden ring, the perspex decor heart chain and the cherry blossom heart ring.

    She has some amazing stuff, that'll work for lots of friends.

  19. I love, LOVE the text printed heart necklace....1109- it makes me feel how love feels- the heart is still whole, but a part of it is missing, and is with someone else.....

    I also became a fan on FB!

  20. I L.O.V.E. the Curly leaf earrings and the cherry blossom wooden earrings!

    I joined the followers on her blog as well!

  21. I'm a subscriber of course.

    My fave are the Wooden Heart Word Rings.

    I think they're awesome!

    Extra Entry:

    I "liked" Genevieve's Facebook under: Nicole O. & I am also following her blog via Blogger/Google Friend Connect. =]

    Thanks so much for the chance!


    xo Nicole

  22. I'm following via Google (Jasmine1485) and my favourite item is the 'Text printed heart on silver plated chain.'

    Kate1485 at hotmail.com

  23. I'm a fan of Genevieve on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

    Kate1485 at hotmail.com

  24. Nicolette Veloza14 July 2010 at 09:00

    I just absolutely adore the Vintage hummingbird pendant.
    becasme a fan of her FB group to

  25. I love the Fat robin cut out brooch. So cute!

  26. I love the XL cut out heart with bird charm on 75cm silver plated chain.(1031).

    I become a follower of her blog and a fan of her FB page.

    I'm a really big fan of her jewellery!

  27. I love Gen's jewellery, she is soo talented! i am a very proud owner of a few of her pieces already but
    I am really in love with her new styles, fav being: 1122 (tropical parrot/dove chain)

  28. Cherry blossom engraved heart ring is BEAUTIFUL!

  29. I think the Hummingbird engraved heart chain is very beautiful.

    I would love to have it.

    I am a Follower via Google.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  30. This giveaway was MADE for me!! I have been [(un)healthily?] obsessed with hearts since I can remeber! Putting the word love with the heart... naturally genius. I. Must. Have. It! I love the resin cameo ring - but this "Love" heart one kills me.. *sigh*

  31. I adore the mother of pearl carved bird on the silver plated chain (1129)

  32. I love the 3 little birds x

  33. tati
    5th time trying to post

    the heart necklace with the bird and reeds cut out

    am a follower

  34. How pretty!! I love # 4010: Bird, vine engraved heart brooch.
    Available in perspex and wood. It's so pretty with the darker wood!

  35. Oh wow, she has such a nice collection! I'm from Durban and didnt even knwo about her now I'm trying to decide which items to oder first. Definately loving the fat bird vine engraved ring and the wooden studs...I like all her stuff and am going to become s happy client I can already tell.

    I've subscribed to her blog and yours too thanks to I heart your outfit (where I found your blog)

  36. I like 4010. But its all very beautiful!

  37. A jewelry designer after my own heart mmmm! I love 5003, the wooden swallow cut out ring! who could ever feel down with that beauty on their hand! Following on facebook too!! <3 <3

  38. I think 4010 is beautiful...the bird, vine engraved heart brooch :)

  39. followed the website and liked it on FB.

    that vintage hummingbird necklace is so cute. very much WANT!

  40. I have at least a dozen favourites! But I think the resin Cameo ring is lovely.

  41. Fave piece is the vintage hummingbird necklace, completely amazing!

    I'm a fan on facebook, and follower of her website for some time now. Also a follower of yours!

    Also posted a blog about Gen's lovely things, and mentioned this giveaway: http://prettypeculiarities.blogspot.com/2010/07/jewellery-craves-pt-1-genevieve-motley.html

  42. Hi lady, I'm a follower, I've liked her facebook fan page and my fave items are:
    1127 the dandelion heart necklace and
    5010 the cherry blossom ring.

  43. Tati: Am a follower of both indeed
    sigh. i can't get a comment to publish yet. 5th time lucky . determination it is. I have given so many people gen's stuff as pressies - from NAP in kloof street guys CT- but have none for myself I LOVE her hummingbird necklaces and rings in wood and earings and and and and as good as love/hate in australia. NO better. AND i love being brazen and have taken to saying sometimes ... saves the day like her (btw today it is berocca) yesterday it was my gran's fan brooch that saved an outfit xxx

  44. My favorite is the love bird branch chain...how much cuter can you get?? :)

  45. My favorite is the love bird branh chain...how much cute can you get?!! :D

    Also thanks for always introducing us to such wonderful etsy shops!

  46. Hey! I'm following her on facebook now- it's all such lovely stuff, and affordable! which is totally a bonus.

    my favorite is the Fat Robin- 4012- although I'm not sure whether I like wood or white perspex more... I'd probably have to get both. at R60 I'm almost tempted... hmmm.

  47. The best is 1117,
    Flowers, sml bird engraved wooden heart on chain.

    I love this because I grew up on a farm in Natal near Durban where birds were abundant. As a child I wore alot of wooden jewellery and wooden brooches. I still have my collection at home however it has dated. Genevieve's collection is the NEW and trendy way forward for Jewellery of this kind. I'd love to relive my childhood days with this amazing necklace! Please pick me! I will wear it with pride and buy them for all my gifts!

    I became a fan on her FB, I also cliked LIKE under 1117 as well as sent a tweet with this amazing necklace for all my friends to see!

    x Lynn

  48. Can I enter again? (and again and again) I keep seeing the beautiful "Love" ring at the top of your blog and it makes me sigh happily (and hopefully) every time!

  49. Oh my, I love every single thing in her shop! But, having to choose just one, let me pick the "Love bird branch chain". I need to explain my love for Genevieve's lovely creations:
    * I am totally infatuated with birds at the moment - probably because of a new business venture which in Latin means "bird"
    * My Budgie is the brightest green you've ever seen and I love him dearly - he does not bite me anymore which makes me think he might love me too
    * The boyfriend and I got engaged not too long ago and the 2 love birds sitting on a branch make me swoon

    Just in case I don't win, I've already placed my order for a ring and pendant!!

    I also follow Genevieve's site, and hope to get another entry with my blog posting!

    K, enough for now...

  50. Hello :)
    Lovely giveaway.I am a follower.And the Cherry blossom engraved heart ring is the piece I love most.

  51. Hi, I am follower too. I love item nr. 4012 Fat robin cut out brooch.
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  52. I joined her FB group page (Ľubica Kotmániková)
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  53. This is extremely a beautiful necklace.


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