Me, today

Today I...

... don't really feel like doing a proper blog post
... will be ok with whoever wins the semi-final game tonight
... should be having a massage (my back is sore)
... had a yummy piece of chocolate cake at work
... feel like I could do alot more than I'm doing
... am wearing alot of grey
... must ignore the cranky, pms voices in my head
... hope to buy "Water for elephants" by Sara Gruen
... will probably have fish fingers and potatoe for dinner
... wish I was on holiday with The Boyf somewhere pretty

Whats up with you today?


  1. "don't really feel like doing a proper blog post" - Know the feeling!

  2. Me today:

    ...still cracking up over a brilliant Star Trek meets Jay-z joke.
    ...rocking my biker jackets AND my lovely new boots.
    ...feeling worlds better after the worst Tuesday ever yesterday.
    ...daydreaming about being anywhere but at my desk.
    ...not looking forward to all the work ahead of me tonight.
    ...hoping that Paul the Octopus' Spanish victory prediction will be correct.
    ...need more caffeine.

  3. Haha, I tend to wear loads of grey too. I swear my whole cupboard is like 80% grey.

    Maybe you should treat yourself to a massage, you deserve it! X

  4. it takes me forever to get blog post together - so i know your feeling :)
    have a happy evening - i'm making nachos - Ole


  5. I love to wear gray! Brings out my blue eyes. lol!

  6. Today I:

    Challenge you to the photo challenge because I think you have stunning photos and I am interested to see how you interpret the photo challenges!

    See my blog to learn more and take the 20 photo challenge!!

  7. Today I
    ...don't really feel that great..still sick:/
    ...will be ok because i choose to be
    ...should probably have stayed in bed the whole day as the doctor ordered but allowed myself to be spoilt by a very special friend for lunch
    ...had a yummy piece of chocolate
    ...feel like celebrating but couldn't really wearing my pj's mostly due to sickness and lots of sleep
    ...must ignore my natural notion to be a typical workaholic and focus on getting better
    ...hope to buy..erm sjoe, shoes/bags/chocolate/pretty things
    ...will probably have a whole bunch of pills before i go off to bed
    ...wish i was on holiday with a certain someone in europe

  8. Your blog always makes my heart happy:) hugs:)

  9. today I...
    adore your post and photo.

  10. I saw the pic you posted and couldn't help but wonder if you're pregs ...

    Me today: Honestly, I'm searching for the drama Gods. My life needs more drama. There needs to me more panic attacks, there needs to be more tears, more anger, more laughter ... Right now everything is soooo mundane.

  11. Sid - hahahaha! the chick in the pic does not look pregnant to me. Do you have babies on the brain? x


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