Me, today

Today I...

... could use a few more hours of sleep
... drank a cup of tea without sugar
... wish I had a sewing machine
... plan to get my hair blowdryed at a salon
... have a strong craving  for salmon sushi
... realised just how bad I am at time management
... can't seem to concentrate on anything for too long
... am in a country music kinda mood
... want the pair of Chanel shoes in above picture
... feel rather optimistic about everything
... think I should make a roast chicken for dinner

Whats up with you today?


  1. you always find the most amazing pics! i am in love with those Chanel's!
    am with you on a few of those points!

  2. Oh wow I am not a high heels kinda girl but I would wear those day and night!

    So with you on the sewing machine. Mom said she might get me one for my birthday! I would love to be able to make my own dresses :)

    Have a fab blowdry and day!

  3. mmm today I definitely needed some more sleep, also loving those heels and wanting a sewing machine. And I'm craving a big fat decadent sandwich!;)

  4. Nice post :)
    Nummy food ideas - I'm wandering what I will have time to cook for dinner tonight mmm.
    Nice pretty shoes by the way.
    Betty bake

  5. Chanel shoes, I'm still drooling...

  6. firstly those shoes are amazing.
    i always struggle with concentrating, most of the time I just stare at my split ends.
    dinner sounds delish...what time should we come over?!

  7. OMG. I literally can't take my eyes off this beautiful heels. They're definitely to die for!

  8. Today I'm simply happy :)

  9. Ah sushi cravings :).. I know those!

    Glad you feeling optimistic. X

  10. Today I have a cold, but have to work anyway and I also wish I had a sewing machine. Cute post idea!

  11. best country song {this week anyway}
    Steve Azar "You're my Sunshine"

  12. Sorry - I missed any actual *words* you may have written in this had me at the shoes!

  13. Today I...
    ... could actually laugh with my colleagues
    ... drank a cup of delicious Nespresso coffee
    ... wish I had money to spoil my friends and family
    ... plan to relax more
    ... have been very productive
    ... realised just how much I need a holiday
    ... can't seem to sit down for 5 minutes without being wanted
    ... am in a fun frame of mind
    ... want more time with Kevin
    ... feel rather chunky
    ... think I should start cooking more

  14. Oh those shoes leave me breathless! And I always have my tea without sugar. Me, I am just stressed.

  15. I LOVE these shoes!! I'm such a sucker for pretty shoes (hence my huge collection).
    and I love your list!


  16. Those shoes are stunning! Damn, now im in the mood for sushi!


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