10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Roasted almonds are great to snack on throughout the day
2. Going to gym on a Friday night is very nice and quiet
3. I really dislike Bill  in Season 3 of True Blood
4. My sisters cat cracks me up - its crazy and scared of rabbits
5. Paris inspired parties are awesome
6. Pine tree needles have more vitamin C in them than oranges
7. Really good friends are hard to find, but easy to keep
8. I am quite obsessed with lace at the moment
9. The Boyf ate a piece of cooked pigeon while he was away
10. Alone time can be very good for the mind

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. lol, they sell pigeon wings in the grocery stores here. Its so gross and rabbits lol i just cant even think of eating it especially when i see the horrid dirty red eye pigeons outside :P hehe

  2. I learnt that ME + CREDIT CARD + NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN GO TO THE MALL = IMMINENT BANKRUPCY! LOL I bought those coral/peach shoes from ALDO! Plus three other pairs etc etc! Am yet to post about them! I have posted on the clogs that i bought from ALDO though! I love that place! Hope you had a fantastic long weekend!

  3. Oh I'd love some alone time and almonds are the best.

  4. 11. Bailing on a friend's Bday party isn't cool.

    MUhahahahha :)

  5. thats crazy about the pigeon! gross!! Friday evening gym is the best- always so quiet! xxx

  6. when u go home again after leaving the house for university, ur parents love you more! Lol! I have to get a job to buy all the beaula stuff i want! Sad, but true...*

  7. I learnt that sleeping late 3 mornings in a row can make you remarkably lazy. And happy. :-)

  8. I completely agree on points 1,3, 8 and 10 :)

  9. I learnt that too many pink bday drinks + champagne means headache, but crazy memorable moments. I haven't visited your blog in a while...not sure why. Lovely to be here. x

  10. I dislike bill too in this season !!
    I'm so glad he and sookie broke up :D

  11. i learnt you are crazy :) he he he
    <3 you Brazen

    thanks for my awesome present


  12. Pigeon? Cooked pigeon??? This needs a detailed explanation.

  13. Re: #10 A-men! Mom and 2 brothers were out of state last week. It was...nice.


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