10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Inception is a very cool, but rather strange film, that leaves you questioning (Leonardo & Ellen Paige were great)
2. Freshly squeezed orange juice is wonderful and so sweet
3. I really like Rimmels "True Vintage" colour lipstick
4. I love the dresses at Wardrobe (on Kloof street)
5. Using eyelash curlers can really help your lashes look better
6. The Boyf is the best sneaky, present buyer ever
7. Fairview 2008 Pinotage wine is very tasty
8. I need to get back into the habit of taking more photos
9. My new, credit card is a bad influence on me *winks*
10. I need to stop being my own worst enemy

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. I am 100% sure that one can never take too many photographs.

  2. Strange, for me, the only weak link in Inception was Leo DiCaprio... :/

    Where's Wardrobe positioned? I haven't seen it...I saw some really sweet dresses at the Old Biscuit Mill tho :)

    Have always been a bit wary of eyelash curlers... didn't seem like they do much, or that the effect really lasts so I have't bought one!

  3. Cat - I agree

    Mamastella - Wardrobe is almost across from Vida coffee on Kloof Street. I find the eyelash curling lasts ok, but I am thinking of getting eyelash extensions. My mom and sisters have them and they look fab. :)

  4. Still want/need to see Inception!
    Totally agree on number 3, but can't say the same for nr 6. I always know exactly what I'm getting from the BF (I think he is too scared of the dissapointed face, to go the sneaky surprise route :)

  5. i learnt that i can beat the boys (12 of them) at poker and come in number 1!

    i won R200 :D

    also, hiking to Kalk Bay Caves is tough but worth every step!

    xx :)

  6. I love Wardrobe. such pretty dresses.
    my credit card and I are not speaking at the moment. hope you have the willpower.
    great list!

  7. I agree with Mamastella....Inception was an ingenious idea with a shocking leading man...but then again I have always loathed diCaprio so even is he was good he was bad ya know?

    I am SO going to wear dresses this summer so please keep giving us heads up as to wear to shop....relatively affordable would be helpful...altho speaking of credit cards...ahem.

  8. I've just nicked your idea and did my own 10 things post :)
    It turns out I have also watched a movie starring Leonardo di Caprio...

  9. I love sneaky gift buyers :P hehe and that floral dress you bought is fab! :)

  10. Hmmm, my credit card is locked away in the safe for now. Evil evil piece of plastic.

  11. Oh, yay!! A fellow Capetonian and Paris-lover!!!
    Thanks for your kind "comments"!
    I LOVE your blog, by the way!!!!

    <3 J

  12. At least i'm not the only one that succumbs to my credit cards little silent whispers! ;-)

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    Nice blog you got there!
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