Bright and bold beach bungalow

I am rather smitten with this fabulously fun beach house. Yes, the decor is rather bright and not what I would usually go for, but somehow - for a beach house - it just works.

The house is in Southern California and was designed by Krista Ewart. To see more photos and read an interview with the designer, click HERE


  1. Ahh! Balboa Island! I spent time there, in my teens, when my 2 oldest brothers lived there. It's a great place to visit.

    That's a cute house but I don't know about that pink refrigerator. lol!

  2. I would kill for a fridge like that (but in blue)

  3. This really is very pretty!
    I'm so into houses right now. Am looking at 2 in particular for us to possibly buy, if they're still available early next year. *Le sigh*

  4. Love it!! I want a holiday :)


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