Health quest, chasing inspiration and happy thoughts

As I have mentioned before on my blog, I am currently on a quest to get healthy and fit ( looking good in a bikini this summer will just be a bonus). So far I have cut ALOT of sugar from diet, tried to fight the urge to buy fat-filled junk food and I have made an effort to choose better snack food (like nuts and fruit)
- Plus,  I have started to exercise alot more regulary  (I am proud to announce that I have been to gym 4 times since saturday). To help make exercise more fun, I have also started to play squash and even though I thought I would never regain normal use of my right arm(aka the racket holding arm) after my first two games, I am happy to report that I have stuck with it *winks*

The other thing I am trying to do in my life is actively seek out inspiration,  instead of waiting for inspiration to jump out and say surprise ('cause I so seldom make the time to try inspire myself these days). So, I am trying to do more things that I find will encourage inspiration and happy brain waves - I have been finding new music, reading alot more lovely books, watching all the films that catch my fancy,  I am planning trips away to places that will make me smile and I have been seeking out new things to see, eat, wear, learn, etc....

Maybe its the shifting of the seasons, the fact that time seems more precious ( it's speeding past at an alarming pace) or maybe its the natural progression of finally getting closer to where you are meant to be (kinda like fate)... who can say? but what I know for sure is that I feel like I have suddenly  found myself in a undeniably rad place and I feel like I can slowly start to re-visit so many disgarded dreams again....I am feeling energised and happy. Its really nice.

How are you at the moment? do tell...


  1. I'm bored with life. I can't wait to start swimming again. I've entered a few races that will take place after Ramadaan. My new goal is to run 21.1km in sub 2:30. Hmmm, I'll be going shark cage diving soon. And I'm looking for places to travel to. I have the money and the time. Just need a destination. Would welcome any suggestions

  2. What a wonderful piece, so happy for you! Enjoy all the new adventures and well done on the fitness fun! x

  3. What an inspiration you are!
    I've tried to be healthier too. I want to lose weight and just look "normal" not pudgy. One day at a time....

  4. What a happy post - revel in this space. sounds like you have indeed found your sweet spot.

    I am also in a *very* good space...on the cusp of some life changing happenings. :-)

  5. im quite a fan of smoothies.
    Ive got a blender at home..
    and this is pretty good :
    1 green apple
    2 slices pineapple
    5/6 pomegrades ..those little blue berries(spelling? ;)
    about a 1/2 cup - a cup berry juice
    slice lemon
    1 or more (depending on you) raw spinach leafs.

    try to have it twice a day..

    I also try to have "green" smoothies as often as possible..
    where you use apples.. broccoli.. spinach.. grape's.. seeds.. etc
    apparently SUPER healthy.. the chlorophyll does amazing things for your body.. and raw brocolli and spinach are very good in stopping cancer.. and all sorts of bad things.

    I find though when making hectic smoothies with spinach etc.. lemon is important to help the flavour and taste, aswell as which juice you use. I find berry / grapefruit juice to be the best.

  6. Sid - I will e-mail you some soul-searching suggestions ;)

    Lauren - Thank you x

    Claudz - yes, one day at a time...start small and get into a habit :)

    Simply Mel - I shall revel in it :) What life changing happenings? do tell.

    Jessica - Thanks for the recipes will have to try them out. I like smoothies.

  7. oh! it's so nice to read that you're doing well! very inspiring. keep it up!

  8. a totally feel-good post! :) i'm inspired to go do something awesome & unpredictable ! thanks! x

  9. This is awesome. My boyfriend and I are definitely trying to be more healthy, unfortunately, I like pizza and ice cream too much. :)

    But in general, I agree that life feels like it's changing for the better. This is a good season.

  10. good on you! What an inspiring post!x


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