Me, today

Today I...

... plan to go for a little jog after work
... wish I was having a better hair day
... feel rather sleepy and restless
... have been seriously craving a falafel burger
... read alot of lovely blogs
... am in the mood to listen to Imogen Heap on repeat
... wore a top that I probably should of got rid of by now
... day dreamed about having a home like THIS *le sigh*
... fought the urge to buy a chocolate donut
... could not help but laugh at someone that walked into a door
... can't wait to chill with The Boyf later

Whats up with you today?


  1. my hair has been annoying me soooo much! i just want to shave it all off :P (lol not really but i need a hair cut!)

  2. you have a lot of will power. a chocolate donut would have made this day so much better.
    had the same clothing experience today. my top was way more revealing than I remember. I had to button up my cardi and wear a scarf so I didn't flash everyone.
    enjoy chilling tonight!

  3. Today I:

    Stood my ground on something and feel great about it.

    Went to gym and tried the weights section for the first time.

    Feel grateful for working with amazing people who always give me the support I need.

    Took the dogs for a walk in an arctic type wind

    Am not going to work all evening. Going to chill and watch TV for the first time in ages.

  4. To day I... woke up late, missed gym and then ate too many chocolates, aaarrrgg!

  5. I didn't know anyone else on the face of the earth could crave a falafel!

  6. Last night I had coffee at 21:00. I drank it hot and burnt my tongue. Yesterday, my friends and I finally decided on a date to go shark cage diving. Yesterday I paged through my Asian travel guide and day dreamed of riding an elephant while wearing a sari. (I'm thinking of jetting of to India at the end of the year).

  7. That house is just gorgeous! Did you see the Sally Field ranch house pics? Beautiful!

  8. I just had a falafel burger last week. It was so good and worth it!

  9. superficialgirl - ye, I think I need a treatment and a trim :)

    Skinny bitches in the making - Thanks. I am trying to really be good about what i eat nowadays. Its hard.

    Bobby - good for you :) thats fabulous.

    Chantel - sounds like the perfect day :)

    A mom on spin - well, now you do ;)

    Sid - I so want to go to India too.

    Love and Stuff - yes, I saw Sally Fields house. Looks very comfy and love the room full of books.

    Jamie - agreed. so worth it

  10. Going to the hairdresser tomorrow - too many bad hair days @ present

  11. oh wow, what an amazing house...hey, the lives of some people. I'm sure we've got something they want :)


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