10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Its a good idea to stock up on cheap, cotton t-shirts from Woolworths
2. The film Salt was not as good as I expected it to be and Angelina looked way too stick-like in it ( i prefer her figure in Tomb Raider)
3. The Boyf is such a patient & motivating squash coach
4. If you type a maths sum (example 25 x 4)  in the Google search box, Google will calculate the answer for you when you click "search" (handy, huh)
5. Sometimes its good to go for the run you dont feel like going for
6. I am very attracted to red coloured clothing right now
7. Reading Eat, Pray, Love really makes you want to do some serious travelling
8. Some women look so adorable when they are pregnant
9.  My willpower is so much stronger than it used to be
10. Its important to practice patience (& just let things happen in their own time)

What did you learn this weekend?
*picture of Julia Roberts from US Elle


  1. Good list!
    The boyf sounds lovely for being so patient!
    Not so sure if I want to go see Salt or rather wait for the DVD.
    What I learnt? It's not so easy being the "new" girl when everyone else has known each other for 10+ years and you just arrived 7months ago. But, you have to be patient and be yourself

  2. I wish my willpower was stronger
    ;-( !

  3. I learned that my puppy gets terribly car sick and that I should never ever again wear something new (or expensive) when travelling with him :)

    We so need to get a bakkie.

  4. Such a lovely post. I firmly believe in (1).

  5. Did you know that you can do all sorts of calculations in the google search bar. Including area conversions etc. Things I use it all the time for are: Currency conversions (200ZAR in GBP)or unit conversions (200cm in inches)

    Sometime I wonder if I've become too reliant on it.

  6. I spent many hours reading Eat Pray Love this weekend...soaking it in and YES!! I am so desparate to pack a bag. But I wont leave the Man ...!

    One day soon we will do it together - for now I seek to fulfil the travel bug locally. :)

  7. am so glad to hear Salt was bad. I'm still on Team Jennifer!
    My new clothing colour will be yellow for summer. I just need a tan to pull it off.

  8. Julia Roberts is gorgeous. Finally got around to watching "How to train your dragon". Thought it was okay.

  9. Julia Roberts looks stunning in that pic. And I love red - not clothing though, accessories. Like my cell, handbag, wallet, etc are all red. Love it.

    The Baby Mama

  10. I'm so glad summer is back and we can find more brightly coloured stuff!

    Debating to go and see Salt at the moment, but swinging towards waiting for the DVD

  11. Great list - I learned that you can get sick in the matter of hours.


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