Recycling and flirting with vegetarianism

My apartment block has signed up to start recycling with Think2wice - which is totally awesome. I have been wanting to start recycling for some time now, but I must admit that I didn't try very hard to find a place that would collect from individual households *hangs head in shame* and I have never had the discipline to drop off my recyclable items at a recycling drop-off site (note: procrastination can be bad for the planet, darlings).

Recently I decided to try cut more meat from my diet and that when i do eat meat, I must be sure of the source of the meat (so, definitely no McDonalds burgers in my future) -  as I only want to eat organic, hormone-free and outside dwelling animals (click HERE to see my thoughts on a great documentary called Food, Inc.)
Anyway, I have 2 main (very valid) reasons for wanting to cut down on meat:
1.  Eating more meat-free dishes actually does lessen your environmental impact
and 2. I think I eat alot more meat than I should (which is just super greedy, not very good for my cholesterol and is often because I have not taken the time to explore more meat-free meal options)

What are you doing to be kinder to the planet?

Recycling notes: If you live in Cape Town  - check out the City of Cape Town's site HERE for a list of drop off sites. You can also contact Clearer Conscience over HERE . If you live somewhere else, make an effort to find out where and how you can recycle in your area :)


  1. hormone free and free range meat is the best - more humane and tastes better too :)

    I only eat hormone and anti biotic free meat - as to much estrogen is BAD for you and can lead to breast or cervical cancer!

    well done brazen :) go brazen go!!! :)
    now to work on you to eat hormone free milk and cheese!!! :)

  2. I use Abundance Recycling, they collect once a week which is awesome!

  3. There is another benefit to having more meat free days, you save some money :) Enjoy all the new veg dishes you'll come across.

  4. yay! for work i write for a Living Green blog and two months ago started a "eat veggie-only meal" once a week campaign. the recipes I've come across are delicious AND vegetarians as always helpful with giving away veggie-secrets :) my fav veg: Courgettes! hmmmm

  5. I raised three vegetarian daughters so they're taking care of my eco-friendliness for me. . .

  6. You have just inspired me! Now off i go to find out where to recycle in my area! (The pic used is gorgeous btw!)

  7. Our city used to recycle...then they told us to stop separating our trash because they would do it at the plant. I wouldn't want to be a worker there now! lol! We still separate plastic bottles and cans on our own.


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