10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Never underestimate the importance of regular hair trims
2. Rice crispy treats are as yummy as I remember
3. The TV series Persons Unknown is turning out to be pretty interesting
4. It's a good idea to surprise my sister with a pizza lunch
5. No matter how old I get I always want to borrow my mom's things
6. Strawberry daiquiri's  go very well with sushi
7. Going for a 7 am jog makes me feel fantastic the whole day
8. Oceans is such a beautiful, powerful, documentary film(read more about it here)
9. The Boyf never ceases to make me laugh with his made-up songs
10. Life is too short to worry about tomorrow

What have you learnt lately?


  1. love number 10.
    wish I could do that some more.

  2. So you DO have a sister??? I swear I totally saw her (or your clone) at neighbourhood last year.

  3. I love #'s 7 & 10...and I really need a hair trim, you posting that is probably a sign that I should go!

  4. I've learnt that life is too short to hate, it eats you up like a cancer,
    Trust your friends but not necessarily your family

  5. Good on you, jogger girl :)
    I need to seriously get into my new year fitness regime.

  6. hah! I still borrow my moms things too! She has the best things!

  7. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article


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