10 things I leant this weekend

1. U2 are great performers and their 360 tour stage is mind blowing
2. I really prefer smaller venues for live concerts
3. Pole dancing takes alot of skill and body strength
4. Watching people with no pole dancing skills trying to pole dance is hilarious
5. At 2am in the morning people make unwise decisions - like dancing and singing to Britney Spears "Baby one more time"
6. If I go to bed at 6am in the morning I will do absolutely nothing the next day
7. Black Swan is an intensely brilliant and rather dark film (i highly recommend it).
8. Natalie Portman truly deserves her Oscar nomination for playing a psycho ballerina
9.  I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful, domesticated boyfriend ;)
10. Striving for "perfection" will only make you go crazy

What have you learnt lately?


  1. ditto on number 10, i drive myself crazy on a regular basis!

  2. awesome, just pure awesome

  3. I so want to see Black Swan. The fiance is not to keen so guess I'll have to ask my best friend to go with.

  4. I still need to see Black Swan. I want to so bad!

  5. U2 was amazing! I watched them in JHB! Best concert I have ever been to ;-)

  6. Trying pole dancing, are we? ; )

    I learned that there's no such thing as a secret. They all find out eventually.

    I had to go private, so if you'd like to join, please e-mail me: jfjinca@yahoo.com : )


  7. Pole dancing is super hard! Man, i'm bruised everywhere! Thanks for the great post :)

  8. Funnily enough I also learnt numbers 3 and 4 at a bachelorettes on Friday :)

    Also learnt that all good things come to those who wait, trying your all to get to the good things is always a good start.

  9. Watched Black Swan and thought it was good but I was expecting to be a little more blown away by it.


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