10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Cooking is just so much easier when you have a microwave (I was microwave-less for months and Im so happy to have one again, especially for reheating and defrosting)
2. Finishing one great book can reignite my passion for reading
3. Some vegetarian burgers taste alot like meat (I don't get why though - Surely, if you are a vegetarian you don't want a fake meat burger? )
4. If the shoes are uncomfy to begin with , don't bank on them getting more comfy
5. Walking Dead is very good for a zombie- filled TV series
6. Getting out of the house before 12pm on the weekend takes alot of effort for me
7.  Angry Birds is a very addictive game.
8. I need more closet space asap - i'm just too messy without space to hide stuff
9. My new glasses sometimes slide down my nose slightly - it's a bit annoying
10. Having someone in my life that will make up silly songs with me is wonderful
What have you learnt lately?


  1. I do agree on the veggie burger point. As a vegetarian I do not want my food to taste like meat...? (imho Grazers makes *the best* vegetarian burger!)

    I also love making up and singing silly songs... my one sister and I are infamous for it ;)

    This weekend I learnt that Rango is a brilliantly animated, highly fun film. Do go & see it :)

  2. Best subway ride ever in NY - my friend and I playing Angry Birds on her iPhone and almost missing our stop...

  3. Agree with all on the list except for:

    * The veggie burger thing - while I am vegetarian, I actually don't enjoy much of the soya stuff but I know quite a few meat-eater friends who see it as a substitute. Easier for them to eat 'vegetarian' food if they don't feel like they are missing the taste factor, or so they tell me. I do think it's weird, but if it makes it easier to go meatless, it's all good I guess!

    * The shoe thing - I have a few pairs of shoes that took a bit of wearing in, but once I wore them with socks and loosened up the back part, they were super comfy.

    Otherwise, great list as always. :)

  4. My best friend is a vegetarian & never denies liking the taste of meat and often says she misses it. The reason she is a vegetarian is purely for the sake of the animals.

  5. I love all 10! It's true re the veggie burger, never understood that myself! LOL

  6. Walking Dead was awesome!!! Angry Birds is soo addicting!! My bf makes up songs too...that's why I love him so! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  7. I have closets in two rooms but i still feel i need more, mostly because i never hang things up so they tend to stay on the bed or chair etc.. :P

    Love the last one, so cute. Myself and mike also do things like that :) x

  8. Hey nutty girl - thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    hope you week is going awesome fantastic x

    big hugs
    THE BB ;)

  9. We used to eat vegetarian burgers, but we've outgrown them. No meat, cheese or milk replacements in this house anymore. I do agree that some veggie burgers taste better than actual meat burgers though.

    I've been without a microwave for three years now and don't miss it at all. For the last two months I've also been without a stove. Actually, the stove is still there, but we use the oven for storage and the stove top for fruit bowls. I boiled the kettle for the first time in more than a month yesterday.

  10. Great list! Curious to know what you finished reading?

  11. hi! i just found your blog via Bailey's Q&A with you :)

    i totally agree with your second thought.. i need to read a good book so i can get back into reading.. i've been slacking!


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