White sneakers freak me out

Today I got a box delivered to me and inside were these WHITE Feiyue shoes. Now, don't get me wrong, they are cute sneakers and they are super duper comfy (seriously, you must try a pair) - But they are white and its freaking me out.

Ok, maybe I should explain..... I've never owned a pair of white sneakers by choice before. Something in my mind has always told me that most white shoes, especially white sneakers,  are to be avoided like the plague (dear white shoe lovers: please dont give me judge-y looks).

White sneakers make me think of hospital nurses, old people bowling, preppy people who go on yachts alot & wear their sweaters around their shoulders, Hip Hop artists and dirt ( I mean how on earth can I be expected to keep a pair of white sneakers clean? tell me please) - now seperately those things are not so scary, but when I see white sneakers my mind merges all those things together (not a pretty picture, huh)

Anyway, after alot of soul searching and some shots of tequila ... I have decided to try to conquer my fear of white sneakers and wear these out (which will be alot cheaper than therapy). Maybe its high time I knew what all the white sneaker wearers out there know - even if thats just the fact that white sneakers are not white for very long  ;)

Do you like white sneakers or do they freak you out too?

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  1. I'm with you - my mom always told me never to wear white shoes... (Mind you, she didn't say why!)

  2. White shoes remind me of my cheerleading shoes, they are always mostly all white, so I like them! They also go with a lot of outfits so that's a plus.

  3. The last time I wore white sneakers was as an eight year old drum majorette. Needless to say, neither the sneakers nor the 'drummies' hobby lasted ;)

    They are cute sneakers, though -- definitely a good excuse to try to conquer the fear!


    I'm useless at keeping anything white, clean.
    In fact if I have anything white on, dirt will physically find me.

    I do like white sneakers though, but my thing is how do you wear them?
    I hate sneakers and jeans - I find it unfeminine. So what do you wear them with?

  5. white sneakers freak me out. a lot! when i had to wear them for school sports i would always run around in the garden to give them that 'worn in' (cover them with mud!) look.

  6. Carmia - hahaha!

    Rachel - maybe you like them cause you have good thoughts when you see them. I need to work on that.

    Quinn- totally

    Bailey - good question...depends on the sneaker I guess. Shorts could work.

    Jacci - so glad im not alone ;)

  7. Those are cute! I've been known to wear a white sneaker or two, but they don't stay white for long. I like the slightly worn white look. ☺

  8. No, no, no. On other people, they don't bother me, but I do NOT wear ANY white shoes at all.

    I guess white shoes in general just freak me out.

    But those sneaks will be really cute on you . . .


  9. I like white sneakers. Mostly because I hate anything colored black...mostly because I look like death warmed over in black.

  10. I think the dirt part freaks me out too, but I have owned a few pairs. Like white Jack Purcels that could never stay clean!

  11. White sneakers remind me of school PT. We always had to wear white tekkies.


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