10 things I learnt in the last 6 days

 1. If I have not eaten breakfast by 10am, I turn into a cranky cow
2. I can page through some fashion mags countless times and still enjoy them
3. Men really do act like children when they are sick (& it can be rather cute at times)
4. I am now a quality, rather than quantity, kind of chocolate eater
5. Country Strong is a great, country music filled, film (i really liked it)
6. I find that rainy, wintery weather makes me very contemplative, but lazy
7. My mother can still pull off over-the-knee, high heeled boots (go mom!)
8. Some people are worringly obsessed with the royal wedding and are not even British (I must admit, I am super excited to see what dress Kate will be wearing)
9. Christian Louboutin has created a lion paw inspired shoe  - see it over here
10. This is often very true: "Things do not change; we change" - Henry David Thoreau
What have you learnt lately?


  1. I also can't wait to see the dress, and I sleep with my cellphone because I use it as an alarm..

  2. in my experience, finding men cute when they're sick is something that wears off after a few years ;-)

    i learned that too-long long weekends bore me after a while if the weather isn't great, that i really DON'T like winter no matter how hard i try and that i really love hiking in the mountains.


  3. Is it weird that i actually want those shoes?? hehe

  4. Lentie - The alram still works if you turn off your phone (well, most phones)

    Betty - :)

    Otherside of te world - ye, it wears off quickly - but sometimes I cant help but find it cute.

    Carlinn- No, I actually though you would like them :)

  5. Fantastic List!

    Funny - my parents were in London when it was Charles and Di's wedding...so for them it's nostalgic to watch this one.
    I'm just going with the hype... I find it fascinating watching people so fascinated! LOL

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  6. Also watched Country Strong over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised. I loved it, especially the bits with Garrett Hedlund - *be still my heart* That boy has a voice that I want to wake up to.

    Or maybe that's just the twangy corny love songs getting to me!

    Hope you have some bubbly chilled for tomorrow's wedding!

  7. Cool list :)

    I was reminded that:

    - Easter is really such a beatiful & special holiday for me,

    - just two days of 'back to nature' is a wonderful escape, and

    - how much I love & appreciate my boyfriend.

    I am also looking forward to seeing soon-to-be Princess Catherine's dress!
    I have become quite the Kate fan ;) She is so gracious and elegant, and seems very down-to-earth and sweet.


  8. Do you have to be British to enjoy the royal wedding? It's like a real-life Disney movie.

  9. I'm with you. The only thing I'm interested in seeing re: the Royal Wedding is the dress.


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