In my handbag...

Today,  the contents of my handbag (pictured above, with one of my many bags) are featured on Brandslut's blog - to read all the item details, click HERE.

Ps - and yes, my handbag usually does have this little in it *pinky swears*.


  1. Wish my bag was so neat and organised.

  2. Scots Lass - All my junk is in my car instead reciepts, papers, etc...hahaha!

  3. Oh wow, if I had to empty out the contents of my bag it would look nothing as neat as yours.

    loves it!

    p.s. Is that red lipstick?

  4. Very impressive! Mine resembles a rats nest.

  5. I also carry so many things with me:)xx

  6. Snap on just about everything except I carry eyeliner instead of lipliner, haven't replaced my mirror compact yet and am apparently not organised enough to keep a handbag hanger on me at all times!
    Also usually have sunnies, a comb and a book in there.


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