Follow the ringing

This morning I got in my car, put my cellphone on my lap (I had just been babbling on it) and drove off for work. As I was zooming along,  I took a sharp corner and my cellphone went flying across the car. At the time I was trying hard not to knock over idiotic pedestrians, so I didn't notice where it landed....

When i finally made it to my work parking spot I looked for my phone - I looked under the seats, under the mats, in all my bags....but alas, no phone. I  climbed out my car, and for a split second I contemplated leaving my phone in the car to fend for itself,  Then I climbed quickly back into the car and began madly searching (I may suffer from phone seperation anxiety). Just then I had a brilliant thought: I need another phone, so I can call my phone. I scanned the parking lot for signs of life. Then, as I was about to give up hope, I spotted the parking lot manager dude and quickly trotted over to him .....

Me: Hi there..helloooo! *waving* Can i pleeeaaase use your phone?
Parking dude: ummm, ok. Why?
Me: I have to call my phone
Parking dude: your phone?
Me: Yes, my phone. you see, I lost it in my car
Parking dude: In your own car?
Me: Yes, in my own car. You see, I was drivng along, it went flying and now it's just vanished into thin air.
Parking dude: ok...*raises an eyebrow at me*
Me: I'll be back with your phone in just a minute
Parking dude: ok *grins and hands me phone*

I went to my car and called my phone. I tried to follow the ringing - but the ringing sounded like it was coming from everywhere (weird, i know). After a few minutes the parking dude arrived and proceeded to try help me....

We called my phone about three or four times before we actually found the phone, which was was super well hidden under one of my seats like a sneaky ninja (true story). By the time we found it the nice parking dude was laughing so much (at me, i'm sure) and I was very late.

Darlings, the moral of the story is - don't drive fast with your phone on your lap ;)


  1. or buy a second phone to locate your phone.

  2. phones need some sort of homing device, that you can log onto your laptop and locate them. i'm always losing mine in my house, and can't do the phoning thing as it's usually on silent. fail.

  3. This happens to me more than i'd like to admit. I just constantly keep mine on the charger, like a tether!

  4. A daft scotts lass - good plan. A back-up phone.

    Jacci - agreed :)

    Renata - haha. good idea

  5. @Jacci, that ALWAYS happens to me. My phone is on silent for 90% of its life. I never think I'll lose the thing, so it never occurs to me to change the setting.

    @Brazen, epic story. I'm glad you found somebody with a phone :) I'll (hopefully) learn from your story and not keep my phone on my lap (again).

  6. Hahah! How many people do you think the parking guy told about that moment. Hope you deleted your number from his phone ;)

  7. I thought you were going to say that it flew out the window when I read "I needed another phone". lol!

    And I don't put my phone on my lap...anymore. It slid off and I nearly ran over it with the chair.

  8. buwahhaha, awesome story. sounds like something that happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!!

  9. i love your own life posts :)


  10. This is exactly the sort of situation I regularly find myself in. A phone to find a's like a pair of scissors to cut the plastic tag off of scissors.

  11. Now that would be me any day

  12. Lol! At least it didn't go flying out the window though!


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