10 things I learnt recently

1. Working at a women's magazine is alot of fun
2.  I adore my new, black espadrilles from Country Road
3. Once in a while, it's perfectly ok to sleep until noon and then spend the rest of the day just hanging out in your pj's ;)
4. There is really a Dirty Dancing movie remake happening (seriously, why?)
5. You can make a tasty, cafe-style cappuccino when you  have good coffee beans and THESE three things at home ( I especially love the Brew tool milk frother).
6. I'm embarrassingly unfit at the moment  - this needs to change 
7. It takes around 40 coffee beans to make one espresso shot
8. Tipping petrol attendants with chocolate bars works well when you have no change.
9. The Boyf is really passionate about good coffee, and it's starting rub off on me.
10. I like to believe that this is true: "...If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen."  - Conan O'Brian

What have you learnt recently?

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  1. i'm with you on numbers 3 & 6 :)

  2. 10 is not always true but you have to persevere, right?

  3. i just love no. 3

    and i heard about no. 4, seriously, can it be as good as the original???

  4. Lovely list Brazen.

    I am so glad your new job is going well!

    Three cheers for good coffee ;)


  5. That I love everything that is Country Road...

  6. we must go coffee tasting :)
    I LOVE good coffee

    yay for nice job/workplace

    I sometimes tip the petrol attendants with a pack of chewing gum :)

    i want to do/arrange a chocolate and coffee tasting sometime at my home :) or at a trendy restaurant/coffee shop

    hugs sweetie


  7. Wow...I had no idea it takes 40 coffee beans to make a tiny shot of espresso. No wonder it makes some people so jittery.

  8. I wish I could do #3 more.
    #4 is sacrilege...but we'll have to see how it's done.
    #1 makes me happy...GREAT news!
    #10... I LIVE by this.

  9. What a lovely quote, I'll keep that in mind :) and ohh I'd love to work for a magazine! Sounds fun

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  10. That quote is definitely something to live by.

  11. oh my goodnes...
    number (2) amazing...
    and I really like no.10

    ♥ great list

  12. it's DEFINITELY ok to sleep till 12 and hang out in your pjs for the rest of the day! :)


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