A music mix

Darlings, isn't it amazing how life can just all of a sudden change? One minute you are pretty sure where you are  going, and the next thing you know, you are in new place and looking in another direction. That's kind of what happened to me recently...and it's all different from what I was expecting and better than I was hoping for. It's nice.

Today I thought I'd share a little random music mix with you. Hope you like it.
  1. Le toi du moi - Carla Bruni 
  2. Wasted Hours - Arcade Fire 
  3. Who says - John Mayer  
  4. Best night of your life - Hello Saferide  
  5. Misread - The Kings of inconvenience 
  6. Dance with me - Nouvelle Vague 
  7. Black Crow - Angus and Julia Stone
  8. Star mile - Joshua Radin  
  9. Silvery Sleds - Army Navy 
  10. Yellow Brick Road - Angus and Julia Stone
Note: you can click on the song title link to watch the music video

Image from tumblr - words by me


  1. Love your selection : ) hope u are having a good week! X

  2. Love Angus' voice. Is Yellow Brick Road from their latest album.

    Oh and their song Big Jet Plane is the soundtrack for some or other make-up advert.

    And the only Arcade Fire song I like is "Modern Man".

  3. "it's all different from what I was expecting and better than I was hoping for" ... that sounds so good -- I am very happy for you.

    Here's to new directions!

  4. Nice chilled mix.
    Glad that things are going well for you!

  5. So glad that things are better than expected - always a plus.

  6. lovely playlist, glad you've found a 'direction' you're happy with :) must be a nice feeling! xo


  7. That is such a lovely feeling... it suddenly proves that "what's meant to be will be"...not what you "want" it to be :)

    Happy for you

  8. Just found your blog! :P
    Loved it. You've just got a new reader!

    Maybe you can come visit me too if you got the time.



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